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Support full immersion/full dive

Level 2
There are far too few people working on this subject for it to be available in our lifetimes. 
We must unite and grow this community. 
Together we can make this dream of ours a reality. 

Level 8
Lets look at what we have so far.

First full immersion != full dive, you can have a bunch of equipment and sw = full immersion but full dive means substituting reality for a sw program using brain surgery which i don't deal with.

There is the need for eye tracking and head tracking, its being worked on.
you need hand and finger tracking, its being worked on.
track the limbs theres something out for that now.
vests to get rumble.
smell its being worked on.
loss of gravity probably works now but only in fancy million dollar type places using expensive equipment.
sense of touch, its being worked on.
sw, no its not there yet, you have to make the game a pawn or a child to the parent the tracked hands, eyes, head, etc.

sw from unreal itsn't a pawn because for eye tracking you have different static mesh unreal units measurements depending on the eye focal distance. And without eye focal distance there's no real VR, just a fancy TV we have now. But VR like oculus adds in 1 stereo parallax and head tracking to make it seem VR but with no focal adjustment its not VR. but at least oculus is working on it with half dome, i dont know if unreal or unity is making the unreal units adjustable/child depending on the parent eye tracking and hand tracking from VR...

what you look at  and focus on = 1 pitch, yaw, rotation,
the peripheral vision = 1 different pitch, yaw, rotation.

Because the angle is the same for both, theres a joining line, but the eyes ignore this joining line via focus. if theres some obstacle in-between the eye and whats watched you don't know if its pitch, yaw, or roll, this obstacle could happen for the peripheral vision but not the focused middle of vision. you could blind out the entire peripheral and keep the focal center of vision and function like horse blinds, then the peripheral pitch, yaw, roll are undetermined.

therefore being blurred its being blinded out to some degree hence the pitch, yaw, roll or the peripheral vision != the pitch, yaw, roll of the center vision. And the center vision has focal distance. everything depends on focal distance. the current VR treats the viewed center vision no different than the peripheral vision to the brain so the brain sees the center vision as blocked off or blinded.

when you dream you have focal distance.

Level 8
also, looking at the logic of why the yaw, pitch, rotation are different for the center than the peripheral the reason is you can place blinders on either side of the center and still see stereoscopic clearly.

but if you look on the far peripheral of one eye, the other eye has blinders/nose that stop the eye from seeing the peripheral. this is the same as the false focal distance or one stereo parallax in the current gen VR like one eye. for instance look out of the left or right eye seeing far off into the peripheral, this is only one eye, one focal distance.

Seeing the peripheral or one focal distance from the center stereo vision = if you blind the center of vision with a blinder on one eye.

apparently there is no difference in the brain stemming from gender, female brain = male brain.

But the female brain has problems navigating while blindfolded, compared to the males brains who navigated ok while blindfolded. while the female brain recognizes the organization and objects in a room while male brains do not.

ok, so the female can't navigate while blindfolded, but the male brain does as if not blindfolded, hence the female brain probably exists on the peripheral where being blinded is natural.

but being blinded and female also means the use of the 1 stereo vision focal distance, which if you look at your desk using only 1 focal distance and stare at the desk and stuff on it you'll notice the things on the desk and placement of stuff on the desk.

while the male brain needs focal distance difference and so wouldn't see the desk focal distance only and so wouldn't look at the stuff on the desk the same way the female brain would because she sees the things in her focal distance clearly.

hence the current VR is female brain oriented, not male brain oriented. PC culture maybe hence no half dome? idk but maybe since pc culture is feminine oriented. thats why no fancy oculus owner, no fancy oculus doom vr dev, simple ugly quest design, small head fit on the rift, small head design on the quest, small ipd on most VR headsets but the vive pro, maybe...hmm scratches chin.

Level 16
You don't need to be an expert in ANYTHING to know that the female brain has problems.

*Hides from @vannagirl *
"This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever

Level 8
About keeping the woman happy, the man should know some secrets older men learn alone the way of getting old.

1.) you don't need to be a yes man, you can have morals and not be a sell out. why? because the man/boss is typically PC culture, and PC culture is feminine so like the female is 1 eyed like the woman. Instead of being amoral you just have to live with the 1 eyed woman or the PC culture which acts like the 1 eyed woman.

2.) the woman doesn't know shes 1 eyed because if she did then she would know she grows old, uglier, and she's not in the know because she's 1 eyed. she thinks shes a man with 2 eyes. The man if he loves her will let her think shes not 1 eyed and relish in the fact he knows shes one eyed and doesn't have to be amoral or beaten down by her because all women turn the relationship into a PC culture relationship at some point. If she likes when she glares at you with her one eye a shy man sees her one eye and might get shy too and might pull away astonished at her one eye glaring at him, just live with it and the shock goes away.

Maybe hard to understand but there you go. see like a fish, don't disturb the water.