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The Official Films Thread

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Well bollocks, we've got a telly thread so I thought I'd create one for films too.

I'm currently working my way through Movies With A Twist Collection 3 which I downloaded years ago from TPB. All of those torrents are now dead which is a shame because I didn't get around to downloading Collection 4. I'm downloading all of those separately which is a hassle but will be worth it in the end going by 1-3 so far.

Am in the middle of watching Law Abiding Citizen, I think I've seen it before but i was so long ago I've forgotten what happens.

The problem with watching these films knowing that there's a twist makes it easy to work out what the twist in question is so probably better if you watch them without that knowledge lol

Here's a list of some of my all-time favourite films of all-time in no particular order:

The Life Of Brian
The Holy Grail
The Meaning Of Life
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Lifeforce (a terrible film but the female lead vampire spends most of it naked lol)
All Lethal Weapons
All Die Hards
Every Dirty Harry Film
The Jungle Book (the Disney original)
Falling Down (just for the McDonalds scene lmfao)
Silent Running
Logan's Run
All 60s-70s Planet Of The Apes
Soylent Green

Am going to stop there otherwise this post is going to be HUGE lol

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@RuneSR2 wrote:

Read that 4k streaming on Netflix is about 7GB per hour, so 14GB for 2 hours. 4k/UHD discs usually carry 70 - 100GB of data, so much higher quality than streaming. And only on disc you get uncompressed Dolby Atmos. I'm not fond of streaming, and I'm fully aware that I could get 4 months of Disney+ for the price I just paid for Spidey. 

The biggest issue with streaming for me is limited licensing.

I've had movies that I've added to a watch list (using the website JustWatch), but when I come back to actually watch them they've been dropped. Netflix and similar often only get a movie for around 2 years. Or movies that I want to rewatch but it's gone.

Or shows that change platform. Star Trek Discovery was on Netflix here in Aus for seasons 1-3. But now they've moved 1-3 to Apple TV only and season 4 is Paramount+ only. I'm never paying for either of those, so no season 4 for me. The Expanse moved (also in Aus) from Netflix to Amazon when SyFy dropped it and Amazon took over.


So anything I might want to watch more than once is a risk on streaming.

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Btw, took a few shots from the limited edition Indy 4K Steelbook collection - it looks quite awesome:









We're starting on Raiders later today 🙂


Dune was awesome, but maybe a bit slow the last 45 min or so, still looking forward to part 2! Also the 4K quality looked grainy and slightly blurry - I read they tried to make the digital version look more soft and cinema-like, I wasn't too fond of that. Was really close to stopping the movie to check if I accidentally had put on the blu-ray disc instead of the 4K disc, lol. But HDR was great. 

To me, the very dark humor in Suicide Squad made it maybe the best movie I've seen this year - but many may not get that movie. Having seen all the other superhero movies, it was simply awesome to see so many gruesomely killed - and the final opponent just clicked with me 😂 Also Suicide Squad was extremely sharp in 4K image quality - like a razor - premium 4K quality, never seen it better. 

And I just checked - seems I wasn't the only one to notice the awesome razor-sharp 4K image quality in Suicide Squad - rated 5/5 here:


"Seen in its native 2160p glory, The Suicide Squad is a scruffy stunner in 4K and one that impresses with technical proficiency and great use of HDR enhancement (presented in either Dolby Vision or HDR10+, depending on your setup) to deliver a basically flawless presentation. Colors are stunningly rendered; many scenes make use of the trendy but biologically effective "teal-orange" combo to create immediately impressive compositions, such as the subdued interiors of Project Starfish's underground laboratory (above) or the bright orange jumpsuits of Belle Reve inmates (at top). Others go for all-out color, from obvious candidates like Polka-Dot Man's vivid secretions and the cotton candy-colored Starro, as well as flowery fireworks when Harley Quinn goes into all-out badass mode during her violent escape from ruthless captors. Black levels and brighter highlights are balanced nicely, even the white-out downpour during the film's second half that threatens to wash out critical details but instead stands as a visual highlight. Fine detail and textures are likewise perfectly rendered, with many scenes leaving an immediate impression on visual clarity alone. This is a smooth but not waxy picture overall, and one that should delight those who saw The Suicide Squad theatrically or on HBO Max, where it debuted simultaneously. This 4K presentation likely meets or beats both options, offering die-hard fans and first-timers an outstanding visual experience that suits the main feature perfectly."


Yeah, my problem with Dune 4K image quality is probably that I watched Dune after and not before Suicide Squad, lol. 


My 4K movie of the year could easily be... 




- though I'm not done with Indy, have not even begun, but like Gandhi, which received praise for awesome 4K image quality, I did not agree, Gandhi was nice but not perfectly 4K-sharp - seems to me most remastered old movies don't look perfectly sharp in 4K, so interesting how that goes with Indy. For now, only recently made 4K movies have truly impressed me - maybe movies need to be shot digitally in 4K or better to perfectly transfer 1:1 to 4K TVs...

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I still consider this 4K movie one of the very best of 2021, lol - but did anyone notice that Sylvester Stallone was part of the movie? 




Might not be easy to find him 😂 - if you give up, here's a hint:



Btw, just bought another steelbook - maybe silly paying $8 extra for a dumb cover, and in 20 years these 4K movies may be as worthless as my VHS movies (still have a few ... hidden so the wife don't throw them out 😅)


$50 with shipping for a movie with no spaceships and no super-humans is starting to feel slightly expensive - but the family wants the movie 🤗 - And I read the budget was $250 mill - that can't go wrong 🤔 🤞


Also gave in and bought this one - I normally no longer buy blu-ray movies, but over here I cannot find this one in 4K - and still have not seen the movie:



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My stepson is now 18 years old, and my oldest son is 14. Maybe time for a trip to Nam 🤔 Not sure where to start as there're several interesting destinations:







Might go for Platoon though, Deer Hunter may be too long for the kids, and Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket may be better for more mature persons...  

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So did see the latest Batman movie: 



It wasn't bad - but I was not very impressed either, kinda bored, the movie felt way too long - not sure why it got such a high IMDB rating, more like 6.5/10 to me. Then saw the latest Spidey movie:



That movie was better than The Batman, but still didn't really impress me - it still felt somewhat boring - never a real nail-biting adrenaline-pumping moment, I'd probably rate it 7.5/10. Then got to see the underdog last night - having a kinda bad IMDB rating:



I actually enjoyed that movie more than The Batman and Spidey No Way Home. I think some reviews on IMDB touched upon important points - namely that you may need to see this movie more than once:


"I'm writing this while I'm watching it for the 4th time in 4 days Each time I watched it , I had a different opinion ( Remember when you watched the first Matrix? ) maybe it was the same!"


"If you are a true Matrix fan you will love this movie. It is at least as good if not better than the original Matrix.
Often when you have high expectations a movie is a disappointment and often when expectations are low the movie is a pleasant surprise. This was one of those rare movies where expectations were high and it was actually better than expected.
I cannot understand the negative reviews. I can only conclude that they wanted non-stop fight action as dialogue is too complicated for them to grasp.
The first hour was fantastic. It did get a little slow in the middle but soon built up to a grand finale.
If you are a true Matrix fan wondering whether to watch then I say do not hesitate."


I'd rate the new Matrix movie 9/10 - due to its ambiguity - different persons may end up seeing different movies, depending on your understanding of things - and that's the true underappreciated magic of the latest Matrix 4 movie, so good that many may never see more than one perspective. 




You're subconsciously taking the blue or red pill when watching this movie. And you may live a happy life never knowing that. And you may give the movie a bad rating because the story you believe you experienced was not very good. 


I think the post credit scene did give something away - and it's really no spoiler at all, this scene will be a puzzle to most, or maybe you'll think it's funny without being able to really explain why:



I'm starting to think that the only thing real in Matrix 4 was:




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is there this dorama?

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Picked up some movies from the bargain bin for the summer holidays - my 14 year old son wanted to see Silence of the lambs, and also the Conjuring movies, so that's why I got those (and Peter Rabbit 2 for my 10 year old son):




I really only want to watch The Father and Kapernaum, lol - ok, The Last Dual maybe too.


Then my local movie pusher reduced The Godfather Premium 4K/UHD edition from $200 to $120 - and I could not help myself 😇

I thought it was just 3 4K movies - so kinda shocking to see this giant package arriving, Toy Story blu-ray just to show size:


thumbnail (4).jpg


- and inside:


thumbnail (1).jpg

thumbnail (2).jpg

thumbnail (3).jpg



I guess this will be the unintended Birthday present I bought to myself this year, lol.  


Btw, this limited edition 4K steel-book also just arrived:





Probably gonna see the Strange movie later tonight... 

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Doc Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was actually not bad, I might rated it 8/10, on IMDB it's 7/10. I liked it better than the latest Spidey movie. Most importantly the movie showed that Fox has now been assimilated by Disney/Marvel - we saw the first glimpse of Fantastic Four and X-Men - and that was truly awesome.

I did see the 4K version on a Sony 85" 100 Hz tv - and the 4K version was really awesome, very sharp and colors did pop - one of the best 4K movies I've seen - so I might add 1 star for the image quality. HDR looked great too, nice black levels. 

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Still need to watch some of my movies bought for the summer holiday - not sure I'm gonna make it with one day left, lol. 


Capernaum was great though - it's 8.4 on IMDB:



- but it's a serious movie, no spaceships or Marvel heroes here 😉


The Last Duel was great too - made by Ridley Scott, and it shows - it's 7.4 on IMDB:



The 4K and HDR qualities are great with the movie - I'd probably rate it 8/10. 

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I really liked The Last Duel too, a very good movie