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The Official "Books Worth Reading" Thread

Level 15
I used to be an avid reader, but over time I've found it difficult to commit to the literature being released. I figure I just must be missing out on the good stuff. Use this thread to recommend the "best of the best" that you've encountered.

I've read all but the last "Game of Thrones" (Ice and Fire) books. However, my favorite series of all time is Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. Before that, I read a ton of fantasy and horror books, but none worth really recommending. Probably my favorite Stephen King book is Needful Things.

Any other readers out there?
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Well i hope comics work too. Good Night, Punpun is a very obscure and dark piece of work, despite its appearance. Definetly a recommendation

Level 12

Digikid1 said:

Just finished the audiobook for READY PLAYER 2.  Good listen!!!

Wow didnt know it was out, I'll have to get that next. 

Level 12

Zenbane said:

I just finished Book 1 of Bobiverse. Absolutely loved it!

This is definitely fulfilling my need for something unique and unpredictable. I was able to get through the entire book without ever once thinking, "oh, this part is just like ______"

In fact, I think that this would make a great VR Game concept. The ability to clone yourself and exist, simultaneously, throughout different environments, worlds, and galaxies.

The closest I've ever come to this sort of concept is with the movie, Identity (John Cusack). Where every possible version of oneself exists simultaneously. But that was all within a person's mind and nowhere near the level of grand complexity and world-building as Bobiverse.

I'm thoroughly impressed. I need to pause for a bit and wrap up a professional book before going on to Book 2 though. This is going to be a week of hefty Audible time investment.

After you finish that series I highly recommend the Expeditionary Force series.  Excellent Sci-Fi and LOADS of humor.

Level 3
This is exactly 100 years of solitude by Márquez. First, it's a test of patience. And secondly, it helps to deal with some internal problems.

Level 15
Just finished Book 2 of Bobiverse. Loved it! I was more addicted to the 2nd Book than the first. And I'm going to have to jump right in to Book 3 to see how the current dire situation plays out.

I actually friend named Bob (Robert) and I'll be ordering hardcopies to gift him for Christmas. Overall, this has easily been the best reading I've had in a very long time.

Level 12
For me Bobiverse is my idea of Heaven. To die and be downloaded into a von neumann probe with eternity to explore the universe.

Started Expeditionary Force, a bit of a slow start and took me a bit to get used to the narrators voice but really enjoying it now. Thanks for the recommendation Digikid1 👍

Level 15

I am currently enjoying the Audible for The Sandman:


This is my first Comicbook Audible, and I really love it. I picked it up due to the constant advertising on Facebook coupled with all the positive comments on its Ads. The entire audio experience is highly professional, with multiple voice actors (many well known Hollywood stars) and great sound effects.


Highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of this genre. 

Level 15


Quick update,


I've been going strong with the recommendations and enjoying books through Audible. Thanks to @kojack for his mention of The Expanse. I am currently on Book 5 of the Expanse and thoroughly addicted. Amos is my favorite character. The fella is a badass.


The Expanse and the Bobiverse are the only 2 books I've ever read, and thoroughly enjoyed, that fall under the Sci-Fi genre. Prior to now I always stuck to horror and fantasy. Great recommendations in this thread!

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Volunteer Moderator

You might have the wrong person, I've never read The Expanse. My suggestions were Alan Dean Foster and Hugh Cook. 🙂


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