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Valve is indeed working on a Switch-like portable console

Level 15

Looks like Valve is really doubling down on their desire to move in to more Mobile/Portable gaming devices. They recently submitted a patent for a new Inside-Out tracking VR HMD. And now it looks like they are trying to compete with Nintendo in the hand-held gaming market.


The current codename for this device is: SteamPal.


"A touchscreen handheld gaming machine that's great to pick up and just play with," Alan writes in his Onexplayer review. "It feels like there's a place for it in the PC gaming landscape, and that should be seen as a success, even if this version isn't quite there yet."


It's not quite Rembrandt but the SteamPal is now rumoured to come packing an AMD Van Gogh APU with Zen 2 CPU cores and an RDNA 2 GPU. That remains largely speculative at this time, but perhaps Alan won't be waiting around quite as long for something not all that far off his ideal.


Level 8

sounds like fun.  i hope i can play warzone on it too.