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YOUTUBE goes all Politically Correct to control it's Creators. Freedom removed!

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It's got so bad that even these highly popular Creators are complaining. It's becoming a failure. I've only tried once at a Channel and it too got blocked because all I did was create it with a 2nd Google Account which is a Ban! Same as happened to me on the Frontier Forum just to gain access to give help and get help in playing their game.
Facebook has come close to the same over-power of posts yet they do nothing about real threats!
It's all about jobs these people take to abuse their powers. If we have our freedom removed it brings forward an uprising by the people.
People needed YouTube and Facebook to make a Living and now it has become a mafia!

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You were banned from YouTube? That's not really a case showing how YouTube is doing something bad.

Most of those people whining aren't exactly creating original material. And there are Flat Earthers complaining about being blocked by YouTube. Seems to me that YouTube is doing a much needed public service and finally cracking down on unoriginal garbage.

I'm sure a few people will suffer in the process, but instead of whining they should head back to the drawing board and work on some original creative content.

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I'm not banned but was blocked for a while and all that Channel was lost. I've watched to full clip and I'm quite concerned they are losing their income due to others they simply prefer for TV style viewing.

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We need one of those accident signs, but that says "Days since MAC_MAN86 has called someone the Mafia: 0".
(I'd photoshop one but I'm at work marking C++ assignments)

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Wheres that guy declairing everythings 1984 and the other guy saying everythings Mafia when we need them here.

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Quite...I use it when sensing corruption but obviously the mafia cleaned up their act since the old gangster days of Tommy Guns. Now they are not actually related but are a family of Business's hell bent on shaping the market to be how they want it to be by any rules they set to keep things their way and keep their friends happy. Create a market they supply and force out the competition 😉
Can you print me some Flyers while you're at it? 😄

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Sorry, I couldn't watch the whole video - after 2 minutes I was laughing so much I thought I might fall off my chair!
'Content Creators' are suffering because they can't 'play nice' - likely they will head off to some other platform to deliver their 'content'  - until they are invited to leave...
There is good content on youtube, it doesn't involve profanities, rants and generally oafish presentation, will I miss those presenters who are leaving?  Guess 🙂
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People needed YouTube and Facebook to make a Living and now it has become a mafia!

Really? What did these poor souls do before YouTube came along? YouTube is not the town square, it’s a corporately owned platform, and they are well within their rights to set the rules that govern what content they host. In fact, they are required to, by the new laws being enacted to cover copyright infringement, hate speech, troll bots, etc.

The internet is great in that it gives everybody a voice, but it’s also terrible in that it gives every idiot a megaphone to spread misinformation and stupidity. At some point, the company delivering the content has to take some responsibility for what they allow on their platform.

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Two YouTube channels SecureTeam10 and ThirdPhaseOfMoon that have UFO and alien-related content got demonetisation recently for no reason.

I blame The Man for this. Thankfully a load of people, including my good self, took to Twitter to get that monetisation  back.

The truth is out there. Trust no one.

At the end of the day Google are going to suffer because of this because content creators are going to rival sites like Twitch and Storyfire.
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snowdog said:

At the end of the day Google are going to suffer because of this because content creators are going to rival sites like Twitch and Storyfire.

Not really. These are not actual content "creators" since they lack originality (imo). Content "copy cats" is more accurate.

Large networks are starting to use YouTube and the quality is improving overall. Places like Twitch are good for people who want to simply take videos of themselves using other peoples created content.