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The Music Thread

Share some of your favorite songs, artists, ideas, creations, etc.Here's mine...I'm a huge fan of The Metal but I think I'll start with some of my legendary, less angry, favorites.Probably my favorite band of all time across all genres is Primus. I'v...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Resolved! a programming definition for Stupidity

in case you have a AI that has to factor in human stupidity, here is the logic for it. its written in a style i could word it in over about an hour and i decided to share it here. ///////////////// OR AND OROR switches polarity making something good ...

The Joke Thread

I'll be happy to start o:) After 20 years of marriage, a wife decides to take her husband, Dave, to a strip club for his birthday.She figures there's no harm in it if she's there with him, after all.They arrive at the club and the doorman says, "Hey,...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Resolved! Why Oculus doesn't have shipment to Israel?

I am an Israeli citizen and I wanted a quest/rift s since the release date, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who wants a quest or a rift s in Israel. Oculus, if you see this, add the option to ship to Israel please. WE ARE A COUNTRY!

College and careers

I literally have only a few minutes. I am considering a career as an optical scientist and am hoping that one day i could work on either the oculus or on virtual reality systems. I don't mind going to college for 8 years but i wanted to know your guy...

Meta & Oculus

I think the most stupid thing I ever herd is facebook is doing away from the oculus brand. facebook is now meta but why throw away the oculus name a well known name in vr. Calling the oculus quest meta quest doesn't sound right to me it sounds strang...

How to gain connections?

Hi, Alex again.It's been years since I posted here because there are many things that I tried doing myself when nothing is working. I tried esports. Only made it to one event and never qualified for another event again. I tried game-streaming on Twit...

video speed technique

to learn from videos if you have movavi video editor, first slow fiveo to 50 percent, set voice to very high the highest voice setting. then save the video, then load that slowed down video into movavi and set the voice speed to high the second highe...

Video Cards other than whats listed in compatility list

I came here just to ask about other Video cards to use for oculus link other than the ones listed in your supported and non supported list. Whats the bare minimum card needed to be able to run link and would a GeForce GT 1030 work for the link? I did...

Touch Controller capacitor placement

I taken apart a broken touch controller and I noticed the trigger hits one of the capacitor probably not a big deal but i still think its in a bad spot. I'm no expert at this so correct me if I'm over thing this. i know this much it uses a magnet to ...


Ideas for a bachelors thesis

Hello community,I am soon to be writing my bachelors thesis and I am currently on the search for a suitable topic.As I would count VR to one of my greatest passions and because I have already collected quite some knowledge and experience developing V...

The Official Films Thread

Well bollocks, we've got a telly thread so I thought I'd create one for films too.I'm currently working my way through Movies With A Twist Collection 3 which I downloaded years ago from TPB. All of those torrents are now dead which is a shame because...

snowdog by Level 15
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Valve's new SteamDeck - arriving Dec 2021

Play all your PC Steam games using a handheld device, thus Valve made a mini-PC - more info here:    Hardware: So 1280x800 in 60 fps:...

Image_from_iOS.0.jpg steam-deck-prices.jpg Steam_Deck_case.jpg Unavngivet.png
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Facebook Reality Labs

which together will become as universal and essential as smartphones and personal computers are today, changing how we work, play, and connect.

Newbie hard decision

Hi, I`m new in "VR community". I want to buy my first VR set and I don`t know what to do. I recently heard a lot about some new sets from Facebook, Sony or Apple, but there is no official infomations about relase date and stuff. Should I wait a littl...

S4dis by Level 2
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The Official Comic Book Thread

What are your favourite superheroes? What are your favourite graphic novels?For me I'd have to say The Punisher is my favourite because he's a complete headcase lol  And the Daredevil comes a VERY close second because I'm a United fan  Comic books ...

snowdog by Level 15
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I giveaway Quest games monthly

Hello Oculus Forums✌hail VR, to start  Quest game giveaway 10/30! some/most crossbuy to PCVR also so all can enterVideo below with link GIVEAWAY link in description-right on top (some sites/bots get wonke...

Physical Fitness & Training!

I decided to start a thread to discuss all forms of physical fitness and training for anyone else who engages in this activity on a regular basis. To give some context: Back in 2016 when the Rift CV1 was released, there was a lot of debate over the p...

Zenbane by Level 15
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The Official "Books Worth Reading" Thread

I used to be an avid reader, but over time I've found it difficult to commit to the literature being released. I figure I just must be missing out on the good stuff. Use this thread to recommend the "best of the best" that you've encountered.I've rea...

Zenbane by Level 15
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The Official TV Thread

Just thought I'd start a thread where we can all share what we've all been watching.I'm just finishing the fifth and final series of The Gentle Touch starring the lovely Jill Gascoigne as DI Maggie Forbes. It's a programme from the 80s and is excelle...

snowdog by Level 15
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Is this user research study a scam?

Received this email:Thank you for your recent purchase of Quest 2!We are looking for people 18 years or older to participate in a 90-day research study starting October 14, 2020 and ending January 15, 2021 so we can learn about your initial experienc...

Liasfur by Level 2
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What's everyone up to outside of gaming?

Hopefully life is slowly returning to normal for everyone, are you hobbies becoming more social? or maybe finishing off some lock-down projects? I'm trying to finish off some resto work!