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Resolved! chess for AI?

the pawn starts off in the 1 move or 2 moves. the two moves makes capturing easier.- the math is a center pawn denominator is 2. where you make the pawn move matters (the left side pawn(a), the middle pawn(e), the right side pawn(h)).its easier to go...

What's everyone up to outside of gaming?

Hopefully life is slowly returning to normal for everyone, are you hobbies becoming more social? or maybe finishing off some lock-down projects? I'm trying to finish off some resto work!


The Official TV Thread

Just thought I'd start a thread where we can all share what we've all been watching.I'm just finishing the fifth and final series of The Gentle Touch starring the lovely Jill Gascoigne as DI Maggie Forbes. It's a programme from the 80s and is excelle...

snowdog by Level 15
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The Joke Thread

I'll be happy to start o:) After 20 years of marriage, a wife decides to take her husband, Dave, to a strip club for his birthday.She figures there's no harm in it if she's there with him, after all.They arrive at the club and the doorman says, "Hey,...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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The Official Films Thread

Well bollocks, we've got a telly thread so I thought I'd create one for films too.I'm currently working my way through Movies With A Twist Collection 3 which I downloaded years ago from TPB. All of those torrents are now dead which is a shame because...

snowdog by Level 15
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Resolved! call of duty anticheat using artificial intelligence

story here: now for my ideas on how to teach this neural network. in call of duty when you play multiplayer in cold war call of duty you spawn in on some degree of a circle facing north or south or east or west or some co...

Hello Anything Happening? VR Enthusiasm Dying?

First time I have logged in here for ages now. I guess I am fully team HP Reverb although even that is getting less use these days. I dunno, I feel VR is somewhat stagnating right now (for me at least). What's on the horizon to peak interest? I would...

Pancake games worth playing Thread

VR Gaming renewed my interest in standard gaming. Before I received my Rift CV1 back in 2016, I was out of gaming for many years. I had a long gaming career with titles such as:WarCraft IIMyst, RivenStonekeepDiablo, Diablo 2StarCraftThe Thief seriesD...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Facebook Portal TV - Review

For anyone who hates anything related to Facebook social activity, this thread may not be for you, in which case, probably best not to read this and start moaning!For anyone else who's curious, I've just got the TV version for my elderly mum who's is...

The Official Comic Book Thread

What are your favourite superheroes? What are your favourite graphic novels?For me I'd have to say The Punisher is my favourite because he's a complete headcase lol  And the Daredevil comes a VERY close second because I'm a United fan  Comic books ...

snowdog by Level 15
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How to edit old posts?

My account was merged , I had posts before oculus was merged with Facebook, how do I delete or edit these old posts? it seems my profile is duplicated now

Would a bigger television get me back into Pancake gaming?

I really like VR, but the lack of AAA games is making me feel I also need to get back into pancake gaming. I currently have a 42" television and I'm just wondering if I get a 55" or 65" television, if this will get me more immersed in a game like VR ...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Referral credit for new (60 year old) user

Hello,My son sent a Facebook referral message to me to get $30 credit in the oculus app store if I bought a headset. In July I visited my son and played with his headset for a week. I decided I wanted to buy my own. I waited until the 128gb version r...

server hard drive suggestion

Hey there,I'm planning to buy a server hard drive. A friend of mine has advised me about Bitsync Digital. Can anyone please give me some review about it?Thanks

Beware of scams

I was on this website last week looking to purchase new controllers for my quest 2. I saw that they were having a sale! I got excited, of course. seemed too good to be true, and it was.I purchased my controllers and a charging dock. I was excited, my...

How to add friends?

Hi. I'm sort of new to VR gaming. How can I find people on VR so I could add them up as friends? I don't know where to find other players to play multilayer games. Also I don't have any Facebook friends who use VR.

kira14x by Level 2
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The Music Thread

Share some of your favorite songs, artists, ideas, creations, etc.Here's mine...I'm a huge fan of The Metal but I think I'll start with some of my legendary, less angry, favorites.Probably my favorite band of all time across all genres is Primus. I'v...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Valve's new SteamDeck - arriving Dec 2021

Play all your PC Steam games using a handheld device, thus Valve made a mini-PC - more info here:    Hardware: So 1280x800 in 60 fps:...

Image_from_iOS.0.jpg steam-deck-prices.jpg Steam_Deck_case.jpg Unavngivet.png
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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how i learn using video tutorials

a video tutorial from somewhere like youtube may be 9 hours long and very hard to learn.but i found a way to learn these easily. you will need the mkvtoolnix software. and download the video using jdownloader 2 put the video into mkvtoolnix. then go ...

Using Oculus Logo for Products?

Hi,as seen on many other projects and products using the Oculus Rift, I would like to show the Oculus logo on my website. What are the special requirements to use the Oculu logos, like for example a DK2 lettering if your product supports or needs it?