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Sick of Microsoft and Windows 10? Wondering about Linux?

Well, hopefully soon you will have a useful idea of whether it's viable - and if it is, a good guide on how best to achieve it.Koroush Ghazi runs the TweakGuides site - one I've been using for info and whose guides I have purchased in the past 14 yea...

More Facebook-injected bias in Oculus

I’m in my own oculus home and looking in my inventory and noticing a surprise: a LGBTQ+ pride flag, a LGBTQ+ “love is love poster,” a LGBTQ+ rainbow and cloud pride lamp, a trans pride flag, a VR unicorn pride poster, etc.I have no objection to gay p...

Writing a YA novel featuring VR - Help?

Hi, my name is Mike, and I've been active on these forums for a little over a year. I like to write; mostly Young Adult fiction, and the next project I have percolating in my head is a YA novel set 15 years into our future, and has a lot of augmented...

mscanfp by Level 2
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Oculus + Emotiv

So, I read a few older posts from 2016 and there is a discussion that has been closed but I want to know. Has anyone been able to get both Oculus and Emotiv headsets working together for gaming, even on non-VR games. The reason I ask, I'm wandering i...

Big tech companies censorship agenda

The big tech corporations are in serious trouble including Facebook that have breached human rights by censorship. Potus and the DOJ are now going after Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc with an antitrust lawsuits. They have already lost billions for th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Virtuality - where can it go right now?

Here's my thoughts on all the new tech which could come together and ultimately explode into our lives!1. Having Avatars added in LIVE CAMSBound to happen with the advent of 5G (1gbps speeds) with CCTV which could become 4K surrounds of Public areas....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Please Help it dossent work

can anyone help me, i pluged the cabbles in and when i got to the point in the setup toturial where i needed to take my headset on there wassent any images it where just all black. i have now tried for 2 days to make it work but it is stille black th...

Do you play new games on hard mode to begin with?

I've always set 2D games or VR games to Normal mode if there's an option for difficulty, but I just wondered if anyone uses hard mode to begin with? I can't play through a game once again once I've finished it and I don't know if selecting normal is ...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Lenovo launches ThinkReality A6 AR headset

The ThinkReality A6 is a Hololens style stand alone AR headset. specs:- Snapdragon 845 cpu- 1080p- 40 degree fov (fairly typical for wave guide AR)- cpu is in a smal...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Someone Tried Picking My Pocket On The Bus!

Just done a bit of shopping, sat down and a few stops later an Eastern European woman with a sling sat next to me. I felt something touching my jacket pocket and saw her hand retreating away from my pocket under the sling (her left hand was in the sl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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A Multi-media Driven Oculus HMD

I realize that Oculus is mainly focused on VR gaming, but is their anyone else that would love a multi-media focused Oculus? I'm personally not a huge gamer, but I would love a HMD that had the new OLED 1400x1600 displays that could produce a wide fi...

Decent Article On Star Citizen From Forbes waved goodbye to the 30 odd quid I played for the thing years ago. Chris Roberts ha...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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steamvr dk1

hello, I`ve might have done somthing bad, I bought a oculus rift dk1 and i got the runtime to work, now to the problem when Im about to play a steam vr game it doesn´t show that the rift is detected is there any solution and if it is exits how do I d...

Anyone else experiencing Forum access/posting problems?

For the past week or so I've been experiencing little glitches when coming to the Forum.- Clicking once on anything does nothing, clicking a second time on the same items does what it suppose to.- trying to post anything bring up an error stating 'Th...

Could You Survive An Apocalypse..?

I'd be okay for a bit but once my insulin runs out I'd be pretty much fucked If it wasn't for my diabetes though I'd be fine and would have no problems surviving. I'm a decent shot with either a bow or gun and would have no problems killing other pe...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Free Assassins Creed Unity PC Game/Notre Dame Fire

In light of the Notre Dame Church that had a HUGE fire on April 15th 2019, Ubisoft has decided to give away free copies of Assassins Creed Unity for PC so that you can explore the Notre Dame Church in all it's glory.

The TV and Blu-ray player HARDWARE thread

It felt wrong to make a post about TVs and Blu-ray players in the threads about TV shows or the thread about films/movies, maybe it's better to make a new thread where we can discuss hardware aspects of TVs and Blu-ray players. I'd be happy to start ...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Can you guys give us a hint at the release date?

I'm pretty sure literally all the community is curious to see when the oculus quest and rift s are gonna be released. So I was wondering can you guys give us a hint at the release date (the month for example) because many people want to buy them as f...

What's Your Favourite Arcade Game?

And you can only choose ONE!For me it would have to be the Star Wars game with wireframe graphics where you had to fight Tie Fighters and blow up the Death Star. The sound and music were amazing at the time and the gameplay was great.I ALMOST opted f...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Neon Avatar Options

So I logged into My Rift home or what ever you really want to call it, and I saw the mirror. I thought to myself perhaps I could maybe make a few more screen shots and maybe even poses to be silly for my twitch channel. My twitch channel's colors rev...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oops! Had A Hypo And Broke My Leg!

Ambulance people are awesome, as is the NHS. Just waiting for an x Ray. Think I've broken it in 2 places. Hopefully it'll just be a plaster job and won't need surgery! 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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