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Need help with choosing usb extender for oculus sensor

Hello,I just bought a normal 3m usb extension cable for my sensor and it doesnt work. Power is the problem i think... Now im looking for another one and found one in my country. its and active one. Would this work ?

OniX183 by Level 2
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Holo Novels

A strange question but here goes...I've just started series 1 of Star Trek Voyager (again) and I was wondering what you guys in the know would think the closest Oculus experience to a Voyager 'Holo Novel' is?I was kinda thinking of the Exorcist short...

The World Cup 2018 Thread

Thought we should have one of these.Who do you think is going to win..?England of course, you crazy fools  

snowdog by Level 15
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WordPress or Others?

Since I know it's a developers forum but I am still unsure about posting it in general topics or in off topic, so for my safety i choose to put my question in off topic. I hope I get my answer. My question is about web development since i am new in t...

Lenovo camera overheating

This discussion was created from comments split from: (Lenovo Mirage) VR180 Picture and Video Content Links for the Go. Please add your own.

System1 by Level 2
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Should I be concerned?

I live in the NWUK. My home is approximately 20 miles from Manchester airport. As a result, the plane traffic runs near my home. In fact, one of the paths the planes follow gives me a unique opportunity to see something I never saw before until I mov...

Fix Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10

Hello!I was recently installing counter strike and that was the reason because of which the Stream disk white error occurred. It definitely was the first time. I would be more than happy if anyone could help me with this.

ronhob by Level 2
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I need a good freeware screenshot utility.

As per the title I am looking for a good screenshot utility. I want one that has a single press of a button (not combination of buttons) to save a windowed screenshot. I have tried Greenshot but with VR open and DCS running the buttons don't seem to ...

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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DCS World module sale

50 percent off most modules for their summer sale. So grab that one you been wanting while it lasts 

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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Best VR Experience/Game Trailer?

Just wondering what are everyone's favorite trailers for VR 360 films/games/experiences that convinced you to download them?My favorite game trailer is perhaps Lone Echo because it shows the gameplay as part of the story being told about Jack and Oli...

Well well well... Look who it is

Imagine... Scouring the dankest corners of the internets looking for an answer to a burning question and BOOM. Who should pop up? Imagine my surprise. Gotta say... Haven't aged a dayCompletely off topic, but hey, it can't all be about troubleshooting...

Why have I been poster of the week for like 5 weeks?

I know I'm an interesting person and everything I write is excellent, but even I wouldn't give myself "Poster of the week," for like 5 weeks running. Have I set some type of record for this now? I've hardly been posting recently tbh, so I have no ide...

Project Session (New Skate Game) who likes skate games and wanted skate 4 can back this game now, kickstarter is funded but still have a lot of stretch goals

The end of Memes? has just gone full stupid, never go full stupid 

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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U.S. jury awards Apple $539 million in Samsung patent retrial

It looks like Facebook-Oculus aint the only ones wearing the Patent Naughty Pants these days,After nearly five days of deliberations, a U.S. jury on Thursday said Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) should pay $539 million to Apple Inc (AAPL.O) fo...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Official "Thank you, kojack" Thread

It's 2am for Mr. Kojack right now, but he was kind enough to wake up and save the forum from the spambot attack.Post your kindest 'thank you' meme's, here. Hooray!

Zenbane by Level 15
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