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U.S. jury awards Apple $539 million in Samsung patent retrial

It looks like Facebook-Oculus aint the only ones wearing the Patent Naughty Pants these days,After nearly five days of deliberations, a U.S. jury on Thursday said Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) should pay $539 million to Apple Inc (AAPL.O) fo...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Official "Thank you, kojack" Thread

It's 2am for Mr. Kojack right now, but he was kind enough to wake up and save the forum from the spambot attack.Post your kindest 'thank you' meme's, here. Hooray!

Zenbane by Level 15
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Thank goodness for ignore tab

Today has been a bullying day. Thank goodness i did not need to shed tears as I got great advice from this forum as to how to ignore someone. Makes life far more easier than I thought.

My photo is no ''catfishing'' if I may add

It is a brave step to put a phot on your profile because thousands are not doing it but I did. I hate being accused of catfishing. To think that there are those who think I went personally online to find a photo to publish on Oculus Forum is ridiculo...

Typing here or leaving recorded voice messages and replies?

If there was a system or a way we could leave messages to our forum peeps then that would have been great. Its nice to hear someone's voive rather than type away. It also means that voice messages can interpret replies in a genuine manner so that we ...

Thank you for your apology - ID: Snowdog

I am glad your extremely mature enough and taken the humble step to apologise. I am glad you did because it is tough and difficult to squeeze an apology from anyone. Thank you once again. I forgive you.

Forum bug ... Spoiler images displayed in search results

Just an FYI to the forum administrators, it appears that images embedded within 'Spoiler' text are displayed alongside search results, partially defeating the purpose of the tagging.Perform a search for 'Spoiler' and you'll likely see the following i...

ploog by Level 4
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One for the minimallist puzzle lovers...

Just a heads up to an excellent little puzzle (not-VR) I found over on Steam (I am in no way affiliated to this game...I am just enjoying it so I thought I would share)Maybe others can post any other little p...

F12 key Conundrum

Is there a new system? Before I get into the head gear business I would like to know that there are hackproof qualities and software as well as hardware to keep my business going. I do not want to live on the edge every day knowing that someone in pu...

Missing Demo Rep

I didn't know where to put this, so throwing it in here. Just wanted to submit a complaint that the representative responsible for 1600 Galleria Boulevard Brentwood, TN 37027, wasn't at the location at 6:05 p.m. today Sunday May 20th even though the ...

Sharing recipe via VR - Strawberry Deli

Hi all,I am about to share a great recipe that my friend shared with me yesterday. I was in her house, got an invitation to eat (I am invited everyday) and I was quite surprised by the flavours and textures. It is known as strawberry salad from Bangl...

Oculus Rift Rental in Brooklyn, NY?

I have a Rift system but wanted to rent another for a simple LAN party, this Saturday night. This is in Brooklyn, NY. Is there anyone out there who would rent, without breaking the bank? Thanks!