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PlayStation 4 Pro worth getting for Red Dead Redemption 2?

I really like the look of Red Dead Redemption 2, so much so that I'm thinking about getting a Playstaion 4 Pro just to play it. Would you say the game is good and is it worth getting a Playstation 4 pro for? I might even get PS-VR when they knock the...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Hands-On with the VirZoom VR Exercise Bike

Or should I say, "Hands and Feet On"? Pre-ordered VirZooms just started going out near the end of last month, and it looks like I'm lucky enough to be one of the first people to get my hands on the final, consumer-ready product! (the VirZoom guys hav...

CrashFu by Level 12
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Stan Lee has died. In Peace Stan. Thanks for all the wonderful work you have given us. :'( :s

Embedding videos

I seem to recall that in the past, when you pasted in a link to a YouTube video on these forums, it would automatically embed that video into the forum discussion, now it only places a link. I know embedding is still possible since I see others doing...

Other countries

Hi, I would like to know how to acquire sensors. The store does not have my country (Czech Republic)when choosing Germany and Poland are just around the corner.When will the main program be available in Czech and Russian?

Resolved! May I help you make your product safer?

I heard about some accidents with epilepsy attacks during using VR glasses and its programs. In my opinion it would be great to create a software that can detect occasions like this and react to it. Let me tell how I see it: there are some harbringer...

VR Cover Thailand, Watch out !

Hi Oculus community, let me share my experience with, the website I purchased VR protection set recently. Unfortunately, I have lost 77 EUR and I just want to be sure that there will be less customers like me. Long story short: This c...

8Bitdo SN30 Pro / SF30 Pro Controllers

Anybody here have any experience with the 8Bitdo controllers?I am considering picking up an SN30 Pro (being a North American, I actually like the purple buttons over the Famicon buttons - lol).I am just wondering if anybody has experience with the br...

Publicly Traded?

Is Oculus or it's parent company traded on the/a stock exchange. If so, which one and what is the symbol?

Why can't I enjoy a Movie laying down?

I used to have a Gear VR and for some unknown reason I found it weird watching a movie laying down. I'm currently thinking about purchasing an Oculus GO, but why do I find it uncomfortable when I'm watching a movie with my eyes facing the ceiling? I'...

RedRizla by Level 15
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What would YOU do with a spare Rift setup?

Partially wanting advice because I find myself in this situation, partially just curious what other people would do.Say you had an entire extra rift bundle on top of the one you're actively using, including touch controllers and a pair of sensors; Wo...

CrashFu by Level 12
  • 12 replies
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I was just looking at and some of their games tell you to activate them on I've used Steam to activate keys, but I've never used I'm just wondering if anyone has used for games and if it's like Steam or something ...

RedRizla by Level 15
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The Official Football Season 2018-2019 Thread

Well it's almost Premiership football time again. Just a few pre-season matches to go and the season will start.United played the Mexican side Club America in the States at 3am this morning and drew 1-1. Chong came on as a sub and was awesome as alwa...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Upgraded GTX 970 to GTX 1080 (FE) - Initial Thoughts

Yesterday I received my EVGA GTX 1080 FE.It was an upgrade from the EVGA GTX 970 (ACX 1.0) I had been using while I waited for Pascal.Just prior to removing the 970 I decided to run Firemark Ultra, receiving a measly 2096 marks. I was hitting ~12 FPS...

Zoomie by Level 11
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Is Capt Picard returning ?

For trekkies I found this on the tube and is he hinting at Jean Luc returning to the big screen?

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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Whatever Happened To...

OK something crossed my mind from way back when (2016) and i went looking for it. It's either gone (why?) or i'm a numpty and can't find it. So, please chat about this and post anything else you're wondering "whatever happened to..." Doesn't need to ...