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Where are the products shipped from?

I live in the EU so I would like to know if the products are shipped from the USA to EU.Surely they are shipped inside the EU, right? I'd like to know if I have to pay customs (from USA to EU)

Minecraft not working

Got minecraft on oculus store. Launched minecraft. Says "checking for updates" then goes to black screen then crashes shortly after. I've scoured the internet looking for solutions to this problem but there seems to be no fix. Paid good money for thi...


Brought to you by the letter A

Mradr by Level 13
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possible fix for freezing or crashing

idk if the oculus vr freezes or crashes. but if it does then the below advice might help, from my reddit post i double post here in case they close it for some reason, edit they did remove it i wasnt civil enough;"the usb 3.1 ports on amd motherboard...


I didn't see any other threads covering this subject - so Happy New Year to you all!  Even in spite of Covid-19, 2020 was simply the best year for PCVR ever. In December 2019 0.87% of Steam users had a hmd connected, in December 2020 that number was...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Merry Christmas!

Finally the kids are sleeping, and I just finished placing the presents under the tree. It kinda felt like a weird game of Tetris, but eventually I found room for them all o:) BTW, for those having trouble finding the Christmas Spirit, I'd recommend ...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Why can't I just stay home and work?

I have a desk job (graphic design), yet my employer insists I drive to the office to work.The computer and software at my office are inferior to anything I have at home. We have zero walk in clients, all our clients are contracted through negotiation...

VizionVR by Level 8
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Any jobs for a 17-year old?

I'm in Lima, OH. I wanna save up for the Quest and a budget gaming pc. Prefer $10/hr but at this point, I'll accept any job. Will work shady/barely legal jobs.Edit: Just got hired at Captain D as a cook! I did the math and if I save 25% of my paychec...

Question about tax

I have question, is tax already included in price of quest or its gonna add tax later? Because on oculus price of quest 2 is 349€ but in country stores 64gb version is same price as 256gb version

Musician's Thread

I am wondering if there are any other musicians on these forums - if so what do you play? Do you write / record music? What got you into playing music? What is your gear?I play bass guitar, guitar,synth and function as the audio engineer for my band....

cyberpunk 2077 story

i was playing cyberpunk 2077 on my ps4 and was supposed to do some task but i thought i needed ammo, so i went to the gun store and filled up on ammo and health, then as i was button mashing to put my gun away i accidentally threw my grenade into the...

Acrons: Attack of the Squirrels Room Codes

Check out this Discord channel for Attack of the Squirrels to discover VR players looking for players on mobile. Please share your "room codes" if you'd like to populate your games. Good

VyleR by Level 3
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Oculus SubReddit - users and topics

Maybe it's just me, but I can't help thinking that the age of the average user in the Oculus SubReddit is being reduced at the moment - more kids/teenagers - and also more users who seem to exploit the Reddit anonymity.This post is currently one of t...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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No depth perception - except in VR??

This is completely off-topic, and have no idea if anyone can figure this out. In real life, I have -zero- depth perception. Life for me is two dimensional, as if it's on a flat screen. Yet when I put on a VR headset, I can see everything in perfect 3...

Jhelzei by Level 2
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Waiting time after purchase

Hello dear community!Since the question cannot be directed straight to the support, I've decided to ask here, in hopes of not being too much of a nuisance. :smiley:How long does it usually take / did it take for you for a purchase to get processed an...

PayPal payment method

Hello everyone, how are you? I'm a new oculus user. Today I wanted to buy my first headset, but I can't place an order because the paypal payment method doesn't work ...Perhaps you will ask why I want to pay for a paypal order? Because I have had pay...

Pejlo by Level 2
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not enough storage but I do

I've been trying to install the oculus software on my pc that has 56.8 gb and the oculus software is 15.4 gb and it says I don't have enough storage space. Can someone please help me fix this?

Anyone here playing, Among Us?

It's a silly little game. Similar to "Wolves Among us" which is available in VR.Despite being so simple, Among us (I purchased from Steam) is fairly addicting with family and friends. If anyone wants to organize some community sessions, let me know.

Zenbane by Level 16
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Oculus for distribution

Guys, good day. Do you work with a distributors? Right now we have some sort of situation.Already have an order from our good client on 1300 pcs of Quest 2. Client is a developer of VR apps.What should we do in such a case? Thank you.


I forgot my pin to buy games, so I went on the oculus site then I requested reset pin, but the link doesn’t work it just says ‘whoops looks like your lost’ anybody Experiencing this?

Vungzz by Level 2
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Humble Bundle 8 cracking steamvr games

Humble bundle VR deal, 8 steam vr top teir games for a song, cracking deal, don't miss it.The Walking Dead Saints and sinners, Zero calibre, I expect you to die, and Creed, Rise to glory, are just 4 of the games