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Need help with tf2 vr

Iv entered -vr in the launch options iv enabled vr in game the game switches to some stereoscopic view but wont show up on my rift and i set my rift options to enable other programs to use my rift any idea how to help me?

sichibi by Level 2
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Getting non vr games working in vr

While I really just made this to help my self I guess a discussion on the topic of getting non vr games working in vr would be good. I found a program called VorpX but it cost money I thought nivida had something like that but seems to be for dated h...

sichibi by Level 2
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I just received my Oculus. What should I expect?

Picked it up at BB today. 2 main reasons. One being that I own a Vive and I never thought much of the room space stuff, I much prefer seated gaming with a gamepad and Rift has more of those with gamepad support so I"m not cut off from half the librar...

Xrc6 by Level 3
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Magic Leap - How Much Longer Now?

The latest presentation from the team at ML -, the clock is ticking on the all important board presentation of the prototype of what they hope to field. Snake Oil, or Reality... you deci...

Blast from the past - The Vortex

For many, the arcade scene is dead and forgotten - while for others it is still a vibrant and important aspect of the digital entertainment scene.While getting ready for one of the big arcade shows in the US - I was reminded of the company Global VR ...

Touch dev kits

Hi, Im wanting to bring my game from SteamVR over onto oculus home, but cannot find any info out about touch dev kits.Are these not a thing any more?It has been in Steam Early Access for about 7 months now and i would like to put it on Oculus as well...

gozu by Level 2
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Need a new HDD

Ok gang. I have a Samsung 256 gig 850 Pro. Many used for the OS. And I have a 1 TB WD Black HDD, that has my programs and games on it. I am finding that I am running out of room. Since now games can be 50 gigs and up to install. I want to replace the...

Palmer is alive!

UploadVR just released an article covering Palmer answering questions in court today... for those 2 or 3 people a bit to obsessed with anything Oculus/Luckey like myself. read this mo...

We have to stop associating all VR with motion controls...

Things I see Vive-owners saying on social media on a near-daily basis:"The Vive is the only real VR because it has motion controls!""Without motion controls, VR is just a monitor on your face""Why would I play this game if it doesn't have motion cont...

CrashFu by Level 12
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Resolved! What content would you create with a 100MP camera system?

Hi all! This is my first post here and I'm just a simple photographer, new to the VR world, so please correct me if I say anything dumb or violate any posting etiquette. I happen to have access to a full lineup of Phase One 100 megapixel medium forma...

abc_dt by Level 2
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Window Sensor still showing low battery warning.

Hi, guys, this is totally off topic but I would like to get some help. I bought a window sensor from an alarm company a couple of years back ( ). Last morning it showed that the batteries were draining so I had them replaced. But...

Speculation - Nimble VR - Game Changer for Constellation ?

Hey all,I just discovered what Nimble VR is/was. I searched the forums and saw it was brought up a few times within the past few months (mainly in the context of LeapMotion). Back to Nimble, essentially it's a IR based tracking technology for trackin...

Resolved! I need your help with my PC configuration!

Hello everyone, i really want to buy my own OCULUS, so i decided to build a propper PC for it, so my question is: Will my configuration (read below) allows me to enjoy the VR world?Graffic card : Asus STRIX-GTX1060-O6G-GamingMotherborad: Asus B150M P...

Group Hug

Love you all, just saying// sits back and waits for the arguments to start

elboffor by Level 12
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Sony's Dirty Little Secret

Sony JP rush to patent their 'Lighthouse' style new tracking system - in order to address serious issues with PSVR and growing returns:


Hi,Buying a new laptop and was hoping that I might be able to get by with a 1050ti as I'm reading mixed opinions.I don't have a VR headset as of yet but am thinking about it sometime in the near future and for the games I play the 1050ti will work fi...

jege41 by Level 2
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RE7 Makes You Sick!

However, despite all of that, if you’re sensitive to motion sickness issues, this game may still bother you. Luckily, you can reload your save file and switch between VR and non-VR at essentially any time, making it easy to swap in and out of the hea...

VR Porn - hot or not?

So does VR porn provided by different studios at meets your expectations?I pretty much enjoy it, but I hope in 2016 it would be much better. Current 30 FPS sucks and there's not enough studios in game)There seems to be a good list of ...

ProntoJr by Level 4
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