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Resolved! Why Oculus doesn't have shipment to Israel?

I am an Israeli citizen and I wanted a quest/rift s since the release date, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who wants a quest or a rift s in Israel. Oculus, if you see this, add the option to ship to Israel please. WE ARE A COUNTRY!

How safe my VR headset will be?

Howdy! I just got Oculus Rift S. I was wondering about safety of my lenses and VR headset. I have bright celling light. Is it safe to use VR headset under bright celling lamp? Isn't it dangerous to my VR headset?

Facebook knows, You'll be back soon enough

This thread is about Facebook's overall stance on business decisions and policy changes. The reason this is worth a look on the Oculus forum, is because it very much applies to how Oculus VR will operate. The Facebook culture extends to all of its ow...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Facebook feels the pressure from advertisers boycott

Today Facebook feeling the pressure from advertisers boycott having to release a public statment on the matter to threaten back the companies they should be working for and not against.

Mradr by Level 13
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Forced to sign up to the untrustworthy Facebook.

I have spent 5 yrs+ giving money to app developers and Oculus just so i can enjoy the online VR experience between my friends and my family. Now to be told that i can now only use the online apps (i have purchased) if i sign up to Facebook is a P**s ...

almost burned down the house

was cooking spaghetti, i boiled the water and put in some canola oil, the water boiled i added the spaghetti and then added in a big spoon of butter.i covered the pot with a lid that has a pressure release and stood nearby, i look up after a minute o...

Flying an F-16 with a RIFT

The last day of the DARPA Alpha Dogfight Trials are now in progress. At 13:30 EDT, a human F-16 pilot will use a RIFT to pilot a VR F-16 against the winning AI pilot from the elimination rounds now taking place.

wuzp by Level 8
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We at VR Bangers always strive for the best, 5 years ago we introduced the world to the first 4K VR Porn video ever made, and approximately 2 years ago the world's first 6K VR video, now we Unleased to the world the 8K videos Everything that we do is...

There is no such thing as "there is no such thing"

Philosophy!During Pandemic 2020, I've been able to get caught up on all sorts of reading. I recently re-visted the old favorite subject of Philosophy, and came across a fun list:

Zenbane by Level 16
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How long do orders stay "opened"?

I ordered my Rift S about 10 days ago and it has kept its order status as "opened" since then.I'm really just curious, how long did your order status stay on "opened" before it was shipped out?To be honest, I'm not even sure what the estimated shippi...

UmImJon by Level 2
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New business - need partner and developer

Hi.I will start to develop a VR-education solution for driving license in Sweden.It will be developed for Oculus Quest, if performance is found to be enough.I need a partner and a few programmers, C#, Unity, Blender, General IT.If you find this inter...

Oculus Corporate

Is there anybody that knows how to get in touch with Corporate office on a matter that needs attention. Thanks

Do you like streamers?

Hello! Do you like watching streams? Are you following someone? If so, what exactly do you like? I recently started following gambling streamers. Quite fun if you're not very experienced with the game. To my mind, it helps to gain some experience of ...

Mars 2020 launch

So, I just watched the Mars 2020 launch live in Oculus Venues, and that was pretty damn amazing. But what I thought was just as amazing is that I was able to have a conversation, and make friends, with several real people while watching the launch. T...

Pixie40 by Level 9
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im trying to play roblox on my quest with a laptop and it wont work I go on roblox vr mode isn't there also were do i go to turn on unknow sources i suck at doing vr and have been trying to solve this for 6 hours i got to a page for the rift once som...

Consumer Rights act for Europe question.

So I ordered a HP Reverb G2 headset, but HP and the vendor are adamant that it comes with a 1 year warranty. I don't want to argue with them them about this, but does anyone know what my rights are regarding consumer guarantees within the EU? This li...

RedRizla by Level 16
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Aaaaargh!!! My CPU Fan Has Died!!!

My electricity ran out so my power was cut. Went to the shop to put money on my key, bunged it in the meter. Power back on. Turned on my PC and it stopped mid-boot saying the CPU fan was buggered.Tried bunging it in the Opt Fan socket but does the sa...

snowdog by Level 16
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My games

I made 2 games so far, from Udemy Unreal Blueprint courses. I will share them with you, you have to compile the pac man game but the ball rolling game i included the game too.For the ball rolling game you can use the ps4 controller if you also instal...

unkown sources on phone

I cant connect my laptop to my oculus and my pc wont connect to wifi so im stuck with one option wich is using phone version but i dont see the option can someone please help me the tags are the games im trying to play

Support full immersion/full dive

There are far too few people working on this subject for it to be available in our lifetimes. We must unite and grow this community. Together we can make this dream of ours a reality.

The "I'm effin Quarantined" Megathread

Governments across the Globe are in Quarantine, so I figured that this community could use a thread to discuss our first-hand experience of its impact. As a side note, I never would have guessed that a global pandemic would be the primary driver to g...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Does anyone know if there is an augmented reality headset in the works?Are the cameras on the quest able to give a primitive version of augmented reality, if the rate app made use of it?

Ideas for a bachelors thesis

Hello community,I am soon to be writing my bachelors thesis and I am currently on the search for a suitable topic.As I would count VR to one of my greatest passions and because I have already collected quite some knowledge and experience developing V...