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Aaaaargh!!! My CPU Fan Has Died!!!

My electricity ran out so my power was cut. Went to the shop to put money on my key, bunged it in the meter. Power back on. Turned on my PC and it stopped mid-boot saying the CPU fan was buggered.Tried bunging it in the Opt Fan socket but does the sa...

snowdog by Level 16
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My games

I made 2 games so far, from Udemy Unreal Blueprint courses. I will share them with you, you have to compile the pac man game but the ball rolling game i included the game too.For the ball rolling game you can use the ps4 controller if you also instal...

unkown sources on phone

I cant connect my laptop to my oculus and my pc wont connect to wifi so im stuck with one option wich is using phone version but i dont see the option can someone please help me the tags are the games im trying to play

Support full immersion/full dive

There are far too few people working on this subject for it to be available in our lifetimes. We must unite and grow this community. Together we can make this dream of ours a reality.

The "I'm effin Quarantined" Megathread

Governments across the Globe are in Quarantine, so I figured that this community could use a thread to discuss our first-hand experience of its impact. As a side note, I never would have guessed that a global pandemic would be the primary driver to g...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Does anyone know if there is an augmented reality headset in the works?Are the cameras on the quest able to give a primitive version of augmented reality, if the rate app made use of it?

Ideas for a bachelors thesis

Hello community,I am soon to be writing my bachelors thesis and I am currently on the search for a suitable topic.As I would count VR to one of my greatest passions and because I have already collected quite some knowledge and experience developing V...

new controllers

if any one wants to make a new vr controller and you are a programmer or a 3d modeller or just anything that could help build a prototype then email me my email is and we can talk about it more--------------------------------------...

VR Video Editing Software

Hey all,Didn't know which header to put this under, but I was thinking of purchasing a camera capable of 360° so I can shoot videos for my grandparents of places we used to visit.Does anyone have recommendations for video editing software? I don't wa...

RhysM by Level 2
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A Serial Killer Simulator Needs To Happen....

I know a lot of devs are kind of afraid to make something like a serial killer VR sim, considering everything that goes on in the real world, and how a lot of people would probably be a bit upset(pussies lel), and to a point, I get that, but here is ...

Immersive Sim's and VR

Not sure how many fans of this wide-reaching genre there are here. But I was hoping to discuss the genre and the possibilities that VR has for it.My first experience with the genre was System Shock and Cybermage: Darklight Awakening. Now to a degree ...

Shipping questions + "contact us" problem

Hey there!I was lucky enough, to grab one Rift S from yesterday's stock, but I have two questions:-I saw that you do not ship to Hungary, so I ordered it to Austria, to a friend, who will send it my way after it arrives. My question is, that is it po...

Resolved! UPS Tracking Delivery - Halp!!!

If on the UPS tracking site it says "Order Processed: Ready for UPS":1. How long (roughly, ik its not always the same) will it take for delivery, and2. Does that mean my travel case has shipped?Thank You!!

Physical Fitness & Training!

I decided to start a thread to discuss all forms of physical fitness and training for anyone else who engages in this activity on a regular basis. To give some context: Back in 2016 when the Rift CV1 was released, there was a lot of debate over the p...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5

The upcoming Xbox Series X does look really awesome:Final Playstation 5 design is still not known, but the dev kit looks like this - I probably like that design better than XBox Series X, but it's a matter of taste For now it seems specs are in XBox...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Payment method lockdown

This is absurd how I can't use any of my Quest due to the fact that my account has "suspected unusual/suspicious activity". Like bruh you guys cancelled my order after i could not provide an ID how is that my fault. I am not wanting to wait the 2 day...

andy42O by Level 2
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Facebook Portal TV - Review

For anyone who hates anything related to Facebook social activity, this thread may not be for you, in which case, probably best not to read this and start moaning!For anyone else who's curious, I've just got the TV version for my elderly mum who's is...

Why are people praising AMD Ryzen 9 3950X over the i7900k?

At first I thought people were praising the AMD Ryzen 3950x due to it's price and since I'm looking to build another computer I thought I was in for a bargain. That is until I checked the price of the AMD Ryzen 9 3950x and saw it's £689. So why all t...

RedRizla by Level 16
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