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Valve is indeed working on a Switch-like portable console

Looks like Valve is really doubling down on their desire to move in to more Mobile/Portable gaming devices. They recently submitted a patent for a new Inside-Out tracking VR HMD. And now it looks like they are trying to compete with Nintendo in the h...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus Airlink

I haven't really put this to the test yet. But let's say I were to back up my steam VR games to an external drive (type 3 USB) would there be a reduction in the performance issues to a game versus one located in an ssd?

Class Action Against Oculus and Facebook

Now that the new owners of Oculus have monopolized anything to do withthe social side of the Oculus system and basically ended about 50% of thereason people bought the product in the first place. (being able to join and play with friend)I believe and...

How are y'all doing?

Hello!  I'm rellativelly new in this community. To get to know a few users and start a nice discussion I would like to hear, how y'all doing? How is the pandemic effecting your life and what are you doing to keep yourself busy. The possibilities in ...

Smart home

Have you ever heard about the idea of a smart home? Can anybody explain it to me? As I understand, it is a system of several devices with different technologies. For example, the door detects if you closed it or not and notifies you through an applic...

Partnership with academic study for a good cause

Hi. Hope this doesn't violate any forum rules. If so, feel free to remove the post.I'm a student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and will shortly conduct an 8 weeks study in Rwanda utilizing VR headsets to measure how people describe loc...

ZZap! 64 2021 Annual

I just backed this - it's my entire childhood o:) the mug B) Thinking back, there was something special about Commodore 64. Of cours...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Solar Power Dynamo Generator Idea/Design

Hey Forum, I am an aspiring inventor of sorts and I would like to share an idea I have been tossing around in my head for quite some time.Goal: To power an entire house with one relatively small dual sided photovoltaic panel and a 24 volt battery!Des...

cubytes by Level 4
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Quest 2

It will not go pass the oculus screen and I even try factory resetting it it says no command

wyat789 by Level 2
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VR research

Hello, everyone!My name is Madina and I'm a Masters in Design student. I'm pretty new to VR and currently i'm conducting research about cybersickness in 360 video.Since it is hard times due to pandemic, it has effected my research too. I have to cond...

madinab by Level 2
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24-hour format time

How to make time in a format that the whole world except USA (and some English-speeking countries) uses?

TuTAH_1 by Level 2
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PSVR 2 | What We Know so Far

Hey everyone! I created a video going over everything that is known so far about the PSVR 2. Check it out if you're interested 

Sploosh by Level 3
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Where are the products shipped from?

I live in the EU so I would like to know if the products are shipped from the USA to EU.Surely they are shipped inside the EU, right? I'd like to know if I have to pay customs (from USA to EU)


Brought to you by the letter A

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I didn't see any other threads covering this subject - so Happy New Year to you all!  Even in spite of Covid-19, 2020 was simply the best year for PCVR ever. In December 2019 0.87% of Steam users had a hmd connected, in December 2020 that number was...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Merry Christmas!

Finally the kids are sleeping, and I just finished placing the presents under the tree. It kinda felt like a weird game of Tetris, but eventually I found room for them all o:) BTW, for those having trouble finding the Christmas Spirit, I'd recommend ...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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