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Boston Marathon ... -marathon/My condolences to anyone involved with the Boston bombings.

Laymen Reactions

For those who have received their device already; would you be willing to put up some videos of older adults first experience with virtual reality? I'm know the rift is a hit with the tech savvy, but I'm really curious to see the typical laymen or mu...

Radio Tower Sim

This scared me just watching at 360p. one of those tower workers filming with a Geonaute or other 360 camera and then a user could view the vid with an Oculus. Maybe use Spherical projection and proj...

Any way I can be moved further back on delivery queue?

I'm not sure where I stand in line for delivery of a development unit.However, I'm really only interested in development on OSX, and since that is not yet ready I was wondering if there was some way I could have myself moved to a later shipment so th...

kgelner by Level 2
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Copy of Terraria to give away..

Not VR related, but I have a copy of Terraria in my Steam inventory to give away. It might idle away a few hours for you while you wait for your Rift (oh go on then, I'll give you a chance even if you've got yours) If you'd like it, post a reply her...

Fluke by Level 4
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So... How is everyone?

 Ok, truth is, I wanted to be first post in one of the forums...That said, I am working on trying to make a vr glove that will work in conjunction with the oculus. Hopefully Unity quits being a pain.

Need rift now...

My Oculus Rift has not arrived yet, and I am spending more time hitting refresh on different Oculus related websites then working... Need rift now...

Putting a face to the name

You guys should have known this was coming... We're a brand new community on a brand new forum, so what better way to say hello then with a smile?Of course, participation is optional! If you'd like to post a picture but want some added anonymity, you...

Iain M Banks dying of cancer. ... n-m-banks/Not always relevant to VR, but his Culture series novels have had a profound influence on me.Very sad day for sci-fi nerds.Be well, Mr. Banks.

Into the Rift

Hello All,I'd like to congratulate all of you guys at the Oculus Rift Team on all the updates & schedules you've been sending us.Just the fact you're making a beautiful industry even more beautiful & incredible than it already is, is enough to thank ...

vikMage by Level 2
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Oculus Commnunity IRC?

Is there an IRC channel that I missed? If there isn't, do we want to start one on #Oculus

Cheshyr by Level 2
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Having fun in Team Fortress 2

Try setting sv_gravity in the console to something lower than the default value, it makes you feel like an astronaut bouncing across the moon. With guns.

Looks nice here - I like it!

Hi - my first post, some might know me from MTBS as GeraldT.looks good guys! the documentation looks well sorted out, can't wait to try some stuff once I get my Rift. Now I have to do some reading to do!! :mrgreen:

Gerald by Level 4
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