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Woojer Vest™ - is it good?

This does look potentially amazing: issue may be the price :# Anyone tried it? - Woojer Vest is also in this video, but maybe slightly overkill if I end up using it mainly for that game, lol...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Anyone got a guide on how to setup WMR controllers?

Has anyone got a link to a guide that shows you how to setup WMR controllers? I want to use my joystick thumbs to move and my Dpad to select A,B,X,Y like the buttons on the Oculus rift controllers. How can I do this, or a link showing me how to do it...

New Forum Badges!

For the first time in over a year I started getting badge notifications. And it appears that other long time forum users got the same. Happy to see the forum badge system updated!I am hoping I hold the record for most points in a week lmao

Zenbane by Level 16
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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC?

I literally purchased a PlayStation for Red dead Redemption 2 yesterday and it's going back today. The Playstation controls really do suck when you are used to keyboard & mouse. What is it with RockStar that they can't just say if they intend bringin...

RedRizla by Level 16
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Did my image change?

I swear my image on the left was different - but I log in the other day - and it seem to have been change to this red sunglasses guy O.o did something change?

Mradr by Level 13
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Tilt Five AR headset kickstarter opens Five (formerly known as CastAR) have just opened the Kickstarter for their new AR headset.They've already hit over 1/6 of their goal in the first 9min or so.The Tilt Five h...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Steps to resolve HP printer error 0x80248007

How to resolve HP printer error 0x80248007, suggest me some ultimate steps to resolve this error. The error 0x80248007 occurs due to some internal problems, the printer can not print anything. *please don't post irrelevant links in this forum, thread...

Not good news if true

4K vs 1080P

I would like to know from those that have experience with one or the other or both, for someone just getting into the >$500 quadcopter arena, which format should I get into if I do not have any aspirations to make money at aerial photography? I have ...

What podcasts do you listen to?

Hello! My favorite podcasts:The Tim Ferriss Show about health, The Minimalists Podcast and How to live to 200. I'd love to hear about your favorite podcasts

Oculus rift was indie music magazine in 1996

So offical site was (according to wayback machine) indie music magazine in 1996. And its name was originally a music magazine name . isnt that crazy?

5k video from hard drive lags.

Hello everyone. I'm having difficulty watching 5k videos form hard drive (5400x2700-60fps). In all players. In Rift and in desktop. It freezes, spikes, the image lags behind the sound. 4k videos plays good. 5k videos form youtube plays good too. I re...

Zejch by Level 4
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Any more VR headsets to be launched this year?

I know there is the HTC Cosmos, but I just wondered if I had missed anymore that are due to arrive this year? I've seen some people talking about Samsung, but I've not seen anything about a Samsung VR headset?

When will we hear about this Super thing from Nvidia?

Does anyone know when we are likely to find out what this super thing from Nvida is going to be? I read that some people thought we would find out at Computex, but that dates passed now. It's a bit fricken stupid of Nvidia doing this. All it does is ...

Virtual reality experiences while driving

I am currently writing my Master's Thesis which is intended to evaluate the user acceptance of using virtual reality headsets while being rear seat passenger on a car journey. As part of it, I am conducting a questionnaire to assess which factors pre...

TFM_VR by Level 2
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Warning: Be careful using ginger!

I just discovered (the hard way) the very painful possible side-effect of ginger. :oops: My doctor just said I have gallstones, and a gallstone probably got stuck in the tube leading from the gall bladder, which is why I had terrible abdominal pains ...

2EyeGuy by Level 5
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Steam Summer sale on

Just thought I'd let you know if anyone is interested and missed it. I've just purchased Frost Punk, it's not a VR game but one I've being waiting to play it for sometime. Some VR games like Project Cars 2 are on sale though etc.

My roblox audio goes through rift headphones.

I'm trying to play roblox. 1. It took me 20 minutes to turn vr mode off. 2. after i did all that. audio played through the headphones. i try setting my headphones to default audio device,Nope. I try closing Oculus home. nope. i try everything. doesn'...

Next Gen Consoles targeting more than 10.7 Tflops?

Apparently Google Stadia has Sony and Microsoft concerned and rumors are flying that they will have their consoles exceed the 10.7 tflops of stadia's streaming service. That would be higher than a GTX 1080 at 9 teraflops.According to the leak, Sony’s...

How do you enable 4k on a television to play games in 4k?

I just got a Samsung Qled 4k television today and the first thing I wanted to do was to play my games in 4k obviously. I went into the Nvidia setting but I can only set the resolotion to 1920 x 1080? Also when I go into the setting of a game I can on...

RedRizla by Level 16
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Sick of Microsoft and Windows 10? Wondering about Linux?

Well, hopefully soon you will have a useful idea of whether it's viable - and if it is, a good guide on how best to achieve it.Koroush Ghazi runs the TweakGuides site - one I've been using for info and whose guides I have purchased in the past 14 yea...