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body language, maybe useful for data gathering or face recognition AI

Level 8

if loop
- Based on the dominant eye, the head will tilt.

- the right eye is dominant the learning is shown by the head tilting left. 
- the tilting head takes the obstruction, in front of the face and eyes, and moves it out of the way of the dominant eye = wisdom or learning.
- your left handed.
- your predisposition is to use the left hand when learning.
- the left hand can handle what's on the learning side easier = advantage.
- learning is done now tilt head to the right = understanding.
- the right eye is the dominant eye.
- a right handed person being equal but opposite, has the predominant eye be the left eye. the right hand is the predominant hand, useful for learning.

so to have face id use this you need a way to id a persons dominant eye just by looking at them. 
a profile on how they tilt their head predominantly, to learning or understanding.

- the mode of thought affects the arm sway
- as the person walks their arms sway
- the arms sway changes with the head tilted either left or right more. 
- how loose a arm sways depends on which arm is used for learning.
- fluent and natural sway = learning
- the head tilt shows the mode of thought. 


looking at the use of this idea now, what if habits are showing predisposition. 
your head tilts one way showing understanding, then you have to go back to a previous understanding, 
the previous understanding is now like the learning step which is discarded once you have understanding. 
that's like an array of elements per arm sway, for different values of the same thing, from least to greatest.

to get people hooked you need to let them master the understanding that discredits previous understanding 
and moves the previous understanding to be relegated to the learning step, a lower value element in the array. 

so that when it comes to relaxing from no longer having to learn you use understanding.

smoking is seen as relaxing, the smoking being understanding also is the highest array element value, which brings in a Pavlov response the smoker wants the highest array element value. so that when it comes to understanding you prefer what replaced the previous understanding that replaces the learning step.

sexuality must then come from regarding the weaker side that was discarded for its usefulness, and regarding the new understanding as the masculine for its usefulness. 
the past = feminine, 
the present = masculine. 
the future = array element with the highest value.

flow chart for previous understanding 
- each arms array has sway added, like a back and forth artificial swing = feminine
old understanding tied to new understanding
- determine which side arm sway more to relate learning or understanding, the dominant arm/hand relates to the opposite sex = masculine
masculine to feminine. the side that flows more fluently and naturally follows the more mechanical side, because learning is done by the fluent side.
- then determine each arms element value, staying in the flow chart and ignoring the if conditions = loop in loop.


the array element value is a percentage. you have a single largest value element followed by multiple lower value elements.

each loop is a single array element, the total size of the "j" loop affects the size of the "i" loop element.
a small "j" loop creates a larger "i" loop element value.

the smaller loop value acts as an array element, and as the inner loop finishes then the outer larger loop increments, as the outer loop increments the previous "j" loop includes the previous "i" loop "i" value as a part of the smaller percentage inside the "j" smaller loop.
so the "i" loop is transferred to the "j" loop. even though there's two arrays its the same array.


Add to this a break condition for both the "i" and "j" loops.
the break condition is if the opposite sex has a different value for the number of loops for their "i" and or "j" loops.

- the "j" loop has every loop break.
- and continue to do so for the remainder of the total number of "i" loops
- or do so for only less than the number of < loops than the total number of "i" loops
- and or
- both the "j" and "i" loops break.

the addition of a break element in the "j" loop subtracts from the value of the "i" loop array element
- as "i" increments, the "j" elements each has a smaller percentage value, 
- but the addition of the break in "j" creates a lower value for the "i" element in the "j" loop, then the "j" loop can be discarded for a true "j" loop
- or if the current "i" loop does not have the smaller value for each previous element then the "i" loop can be discarded for a true "i" loop.


masculine = the present time
there being two versions of the masculine: (female masculine, male masculine), who is the masculine, the female or male.
if the female = the present, then the male = the past.
else the male = the present, and the female = the past.

for both the male and female:

- the "i" loop is zero degrees out of 360 degrees.
- the "j" loop is 45 degrees out of 360 degrees.

- past = looping "i" and not incrementing the "j" degree 
- present looping "i" and incrementing the "j" degree
- future = looping "i" and not incrementing the "j" degree 

- one (male female) is at dominant hand, one other (male female) is at the non-dominant hand.
because at zero degrees there has to be a opposite sex pairing. zero degrees = zero degrees.

decide which side is zero degrees, then decide who is dominant.

some lost fights to show what i mean, the first two fights i try to go wide but get hit from the opposite zero degree, which means im actually making it easier for the opponent not harder, the third fight i didn't even go wide i stayed at a 45 degree and then the opponent took the future:
that ends a much shorter more readable AI theory i hope.

Level 8

i have designed a way to code both evil and good; [ratio, division, modulus].


that's the math, but how it works is needed;

- [evil = (#>1) / 1 = (same # > 1)]

- [good = (# > 1) / (same # > 1) = 1]


the evil is described as the two dots stacked vertically in ratio, then the two dots stacked diagonally in division, then the two dots stacked horizontally in modulus. (or, and).

example (3 to 1, 1 to 1) = ([black, and black, and black, and white], [black and white])


while good takes (or, and), and makes it (or and or), only 1 needs be true and only one needs be true.

black and black is black is one

white and white is white is one

black is one, white is one

sin is sin, good is good.

Level 8

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.” - sun tzu


if the enemy is corrupt = bad, and knows both themselves and their enemy, then they know 100 percent = 1 = good.


then the enemy recedes from 100 percent knowledge, to escape being good, and knows bad = evil = 50 percent of good,

- know themselves 100 percent but not their enemy,

- or know their enemy 100 percent but not themselves,

- or know both themselves and their enemy 50 percent or some percent less than 50 for either good or evil.


this way, the effect of doing something wears off. if you love sex, the effect wears off and you recede from sex. same for drugs the effect wears off - for example dmt users report bad trips not just good trips.


in this way what is intended 100 percent is receded from, and this is probably why people become gay, receding from 100 percent male and female to sex then recede from sex, to end up with the opposite sex.

the problem lies in not having the chemicals to want to know 100 percent and be man and wife in the light and good, baby = good from man and wife.


in this way, good having to deal with evil, like fighting, has to reach out to evil, like using a stick or tool, then combatting the evil recede back to good. this is probably how the brain thinks. going from 100 percent to evil back to good. in the process using things like reasoning and tools to do this extension from good to evil back to good.

Level 8

one way to visualize this previous post is there is good, and that is for example leg room beneath a desk.


the evil is there is only room for the legs at an angle, the good is to take the board like a 2x4 wood, and put it at the far two legs of the desk to sit on top of while the back legs near you on the chair do not have a board which tilts the desk. this fixes the evil by letting the humans legs move freely upright while the person is seated at the desk.


starting with the good there is evil, the legs are cramped in the desk while sitting at the desk. to use the tool logic of reaching from good to evil back to good, you use the 2x4 wood to tilt the desk.


the analogy example is the same as the male and female using the tool to go from good to evil back to good and having this 2x4 wood represent their physical sex that makes evil good again. this props up the desk and is what gives their gender identity. its why sex for lgbtq moves to the opposite sex, because sex belongs to the male and female which gives rise to a newborn human which is good. the desk needing the 2x4 is what allows their to be sex. so with the need for the removal of the board you go into the lgbtq, which being chemical in nature means the chemicals that create this board are not in place for the lgbtq.


this is why male and female being good go into sex which belongs to bad which goes back into good to create the newborn. like waste # 2, you eat which is good, you #2 which is not good for food but is natural, then you remove the waste using a tool tissue paper which is like the 2x4 wood, which makes the bad good again. bad is necessary for good. but the tool is necessary to undo bad.


idk how this can be made mathematically but in code it goes like this;

- [good = (# > 1) / (same # > 1) = 1]

- [evil = (#>1) / 1 = (same # > 1)]

- [tool = [evil = (#>1) / (1 = (same # > 1)) = 1]]