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how i learn using video tutorials

Level 8

a video tutorial from somewhere like youtube may be 9 hours long  and very hard to learn.

but i found a way to learn these easily.


you will need the mkvtoolnix software. and download the video using jdownloader 2


put the video into mkvtoolnix. then go to the output tab, splitting section.

- split mode: after output duration, 

- duration: 00:04:00


put the videos into a folder and press start multiplexing


also i like to slow the speed of the video to 84 percent. before i split the video into chunks of 4 minutes. to do this i use movavi video editor.


watch each video at least 2 times before going onto the next video. unless you don't understand the video then keep watching the video until you understand it.


the logic is the attention span is for me at least 4 minutes. of clear total awareness. 10 minute long videos puts me to sleep. more than 10 minutes is too long for me.


it would be good if the lessons were only 4 minutes long. so if elon musk wants to redo education i would make 4 minute long videos for each subject of school. for a subject up to 13 hours long.


Level 4
 Hi hoppingbunny123. I do the same thing for music producing videos. I usually set my videos to the length of each step for example, installing a new plug-in or setting up an equalizer for different DAWs. Some clips are only 5 minutes, others are maybe 10-15 minutes. That way I can have the time to get my head around each individual step without having to pause when the next topic starts. I also use mkvtoolnix. A great little tool. I also use it to delete unwanted subtitles from movies.🤘