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ASW is broken with OpenXR

Level 3



I am working on our game to include VR support using OpenXR. Everything is set up and working fine, and now I'd like to add support for ASW. I use the XR_KHR_composition_layer_depth extension, and provide the depth buffer in the XrCompositionLayerDepthInfoKHR structure as the next parameter of the XrCompositionLayerProjectionView for the runtime as in the docs. I am using D3D11, my depth swap chain is in DXGI_FORMAT_D32_FLOAT format, and I use reversed depth.


As the result, all I can see is blocks, all around the screen. I can't post shots for legal reasions, but I have managed to reproduce this with one of the Microsoft sample applications for OpenXR: OpenXR-MixedReality/samples/BasicXrApp at main · microsoft/OpenXR-MixedReality · GitHub


Here I get the following result which practically producing the same artifacts as in our game:


Interestingly here it only affects the left eye, but in our game it is present for both eyes.


If I disable ASW in the mirror app, then it is all good:


Is there a known issue about this, or am I (and the Microsoft sample) doing something wrong?


Thank you.




Level 3

Have anyone seen something like this?

Level 3

Can someone from Oculus react to this please?