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Confused about OpenXR and Oculus

Level 2

Hey all, im a somewhat beginning when it comes to developing VR. I have some experience using Unity and the XR Interaction toolkit, but with all the news with OpenXR and the PassThroughAPI I would really love to be able to develop for that.
However im really confused, do I need the oculus integration in my Unity project still? Or do I purely just use OpenXR, if thats the case I'm having a really hard time finding any documentation on developing oculus with OpenXR that isnt just using the stand OVRRig and such.


I know there obseleting there proprietary API's in a year so I really dont want to start working with something that is gone soon. Is is just the Oculus XR Plugin thats getting deprecated, or both that and oculus integration.


I'm really excited to start working with hand tracking and PassThrough but im so lost as to where to start currently. Any help would be greatly apreciated.


Oculus Staff

Hi @Kryptoid - we have a developer blog post outlining the status and future plans for our APIs here ( It was recently updated with extra status information about the Oculus unity plugin.