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Custom HMD camera idea (inspired by Ghost in the shell)

  1. okay this is a really weird ticket but this is my final atempt to understand how it all works, so basicly i bought a old quest from ebay to try to mod just to play around with... and i had an idea to swap its stock cameras out for higher resolution cameras and possibly even thermal cameras (a passion project iv been wanting to do with a HMD) back the the point tho i know litterally nothing about how these smaller cameras work on the hardware side of things. and is there part spisific software that is behind it? IE if i where to somehow find a camera that has the SAME conector and plug it into the board. asuming that camera ran off the same voltage and everythign would it theroriticly just use those cameras for the passthrough feature (ITS FINE BY ME if the XR overlay no longer works so like it cant identify the controlers or boundarys etc. my ONLY goal is to basicly swap cameras out for a diffrent kind of camera.) i reallly can not find a darn thing on the internet about this so far so im turning to Meta it self.... i get that doing this would probably void any warrenty or something on it and thats fine i would plan to do this to a meta quest 2 just for a educational pepus to my self to learn more about HMD's so to clearify and simplify is it possible to swap the camera on the Meta quest 2 for a diffrent camera all together (say higher resolution or non IR) so long as the camera is identical in terms of voltage and pin layout? and if i sound like a crazy person or if you dont know is there ANY way i could contact a Meta engineer or someone that would know?

    basicly the end result if it where to even be possible would be to have each conector on the quest branch out to 3 channels (wired with switches) so you could switch inputs from the following
    a normal high res camera
    a higherresolution IR camera 
    a Thermal camera (like actuall thermal) 
    again im sorry if i sound dumb XD i know next to nothing about this

    and if someone dose end up reading this and it ends up not being possible on the quest would you know any way to basicly make a HMD (again dosent need to be advanced) just needs to have a VR head set style lense interface with togeable cameras either manually or something in the software. i really have nooooo clue where to start with something like this but im egar to learn!