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Hand tracking joints are the wrong size

Level 3



I use joints plus joint radius to build pentagon tubes for the hand mesh. It's fast, looks decent, is easy to work with, and is consistent across platforms.


It looks like the Oculus runtime is reporting joint radius as half size or something. My fingers are the correct size on other platforms, but Quest gives me dracula needles instead 🙂


This is on a Quest 2, using the 1.0.13 OpenXR SDK published on 2021-02-19.


Level 4

@koujaku - we've made some changes to hand scale lately. Could you retest against v28 and let us know if it looks better?


v28 just dropped for me today, and the joint scale look a lot better now!

Unfortunately now the joint orientation of the thumbs look like they're rotated inward towards the other fingers by about 90 degrees. My finger tubes have a coloration difference for top vs. bottom, and I must say, that rotation is surprisingly uncomfortable to see!