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How To Build Hello_Xr sample with Android Version

Level 2
Hi, I want to try how to write a VR APP with OpenXR SDK.
I found Oculus had published OpenXR Mobile SDK:
Actually, I don't know how to build hello_xr sample in OpenXR SDK for Android version.
Does anyone know how to build this sample with Oculus OpenXR Mobile SDK?
I appreciate your help.

Level 2
I am also looking into this, not clear why there isn't a more complete sample.  I will post once I have a chance to re-review the instructions provided along with the SDK.

Level 4
I also ran into issues setting up the hello_xr sample project. I noticed hello_xr is missing build instructions for Android in the

From the project layout of hello_xr it would appear that you would need the Visual Studio Mobile Development (with C++) tools, but this is not documented anywhere that I could find. I installed them and I tried to setup an Android Native project using the hello_xr source code, but I was getting build errors.

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Sorry to bump an old thread but I managed to get hello_xr running on Quest. It took me a while since I couldn't find any detailed/up-to-date instructions around and I'm pretty new to Android. I wrote up the process in case anyone finds it useful: 

Thanks a lot, no way I would have gotten the sample working on the quest without your blog post!

Level 2

Thanks so much Lepton!

Level 4

Over a year later and the official maintainers of that sample still haven't fixed it. SMH.

Oculus Staff

Hi all,

We have added documentation to the Oculus developer site for how to use hello_xr:

Hopefully these docs will be useful for some folks.