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How To Build Hello_Xr sample with Android Version

Level 2
Hi, I want to try how to write a VR APP with OpenXR SDK.
I found Oculus had published OpenXR Mobile SDK:
Actually, I don't know how to build hello_xr sample in OpenXR SDK for Android version.
Does anyone know how to build this sample with Oculus OpenXR Mobile SDK?
I appreciate your help.

Level 2
I am also looking into this, not clear why there isn't a more complete sample.  I will post once I have a chance to re-review the instructions provided along with the SDK.

Level 4
I also ran into issues setting up the hello_xr sample project. I noticed hello_xr is missing build instructions for Android in the

From the project layout of hello_xr it would appear that you would need the Visual Studio Mobile Development (with C++) tools, but this is not documented anywhere that I could find. I installed them and I tried to setup an Android Native project using the hello_xr source code, but I was getting build errors.

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Sorry to bump an old thread but I managed to get hello_xr running on Quest. It took me a while since I couldn't find any detailed/up-to-date instructions around and I'm pretty new to Android. I wrote up the process in case anyone finds it useful: 

Thanks a lot, no way I would have gotten the sample working on the quest without your blog post!

Level 2

Thanks so much Lepton!