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Is ASW 2.0 active with OpenXR?

Level 3

Hello. I am looking if ASW 2.0 is active under our game using OpenXR. I am sending the XrCompositionLayerDepthInfoKHR with depth swapchains, and in the oculus debug tool tells me that the projection layer has depth. All look good.


BUT. It seems whenewer I enable or disable sending depth to OpenXR, the result is the same, there is no difference on the ASW output. I have checked with the oculus debug tool, that ASW actually doing something, and while it is doing it, the edges of geometry are jagging during HMD movement. But regardless I send the depth buffer or not, the jagging is exactly the same.


Is ASW 2.0 actually used under OpenXR. I have found no word about it at all.