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Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking with OpenXR Plugin?

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Looking to switch over to OpenXR SDK, especially with the new Mixed Reality with Passthrough only being released in OpenXR --- but need to have Oculus hand tracking in VR apps...


The best way I know how to do this is with the "Oculus Integration" package -- ie. adding the OVRCameraRig -- see the following youtube showing where I learned how to do this (


So what's the best strategy to do this same hand tracking for Oculus Quest 2 and use the OpenXR SDK?


Thanks in Advance!


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I'm actually keen on this as well. So far I'm also using OVR. 

I don't know if it's possible now to do hand tracking using OpenXR because it seems Oculus Integration for OpenXR hasn't been developed yet: 

Under Oculus, at Known Limitations column Unity mentions the following: 

"Oculus Integration package features not available

Not yet recommended for production."

I hope Oculus can give us guidance on how to use OpenXR for hand tracking. 

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We are currently trying to do the same thing. Did you found any way to do this?

Hi I'm sorry I shifted to another company and we are not focusing on hand tracking at the moment. 

What I last used in my previous company was Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit, which was excellent. Just incredible. Before, that I also tried HPTK (Hand Physics Toolkit) which you can get from the Asset store. 

For best in class hand performance... I have this feeling nothing beats Microsoft's MRTK. It has everything: the UI buttons, the pointers, great demo scenes. 

If you combine MRTK with HPTK, I think the results might be magical.

With regards to your original question, unfortunately I have no clue about OpenXR hand development at this stage.