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maxSwapchainSampleCount is 1 on Quest 2? No multisample swapchain images?

Level 3

With deprecated Oculus API, it was possible to submit multisample textures.


Now, with OpenXR, xrEnumerateViewConfigurationViews() tells that maxSwapchainSampleCount is 1. It means it's impossible to create multisample swapchain images (XrSwapchainCreateInfo.sampleCount must be 1). Is that correct? So, the only option is to render to other multisample framebuffer, then do `blit` to swapchain image?


Level 3

I'm using 2 samples without any problems in my app.  4 works too.

Using native OpenXR? After xrEnumerateViewConfigurationViews() call, what have you got in ((XrViewConfigurationView) view).maxSwapchainSampleCount?


(I got 4 on PC and 1 on native Quest 2)

I'm using native OpenXR via Rust wrapper.  maxSwapchainSampleCount equals 1.

You are right, multisample swapchain is in fact supported (I messed up with glFramebufferTexture2DMultisampleEXT).


However, maxSwapchainSampleCount=1 means we must not set XrSwapchainCreateInfo.sampleCount to values higher than 1. But we can do it and it works. Looks like a bug in API implementation, system should return maxSwapchainSampleCount=4 instead of 1.

I totally agree.  Vulkan validation layer doesn't complain that samples count greater than maxSwapchainSampleCount.