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Runtime 1.2 - Sideloading issues

Level 4

  • Start a VR application outside of Home, let's call it App "A"

  • App "A" will be able to submit 1 frame successfully (ovrSuccess) but will then will be getting ovrSuccess_NotVisible

  • Oculus Home will launch and present the HSW

  • Once you acknowledge the HSW, App "A" is able to finally render to the Rift (whew!)

  • Start App "B" from the Oculus desktop client

  • App "A" correctly receives ovrSuccess_NotVisible on SubmitFrame and backgrounds itself

  • Oculus Home shows up with a prompt: "An application is running. Quit application and continue?" (why does it have to quit?? :cry: )

  • When user clicks OK, App "A" receives the ShouldQuit status

  • If App "A" doesn't terminate, Home will prompt the user with an incorrect message: "We couldn't close App "B". If this leads to performance issues, you can remove your headset and close App "B" from your computer.
    (It should say App "A" here)
  • If App "A" shutsdown LibOVR but remains open, the message will display an empty string instead of the app name and acknowledging the prompt will cause Home to be stuck in limbo.

  • If App "A" terminates its process, then Home shows the HSW prompt (again!) and App "B" is able to render to the Rift once acknowledged.

  • When App "B" terminates, user will be back in Home, unable to access App "A" again without taking the headset off and manually launching it again and going through the painful process...

Why does App "A" have to be terminated? Why can't it live in the background while periodically calling SubmitFrame (with minimal resource consumption) until App "B" exits (like it has worked for the last year)? If App "B" is launched while in App "A" I think it would make a lot more sense to return to App "A" when App "B" exits.

TLDR; If your app isn't available in Oculus Home, it will be a pain to use it.
Virtual Desktop Developer

Level 4
Ok turns out the HSW is NOT popping up all the time when switching apps with the EVT headset, seems like this was a DK2 only issue. Whew! I still don't think the user should have to confirm in Home when exiting an app.

Also whenever I try to install an app through Skyline, while viewing the desktop it will say: Library actions not allowed while in app (1971017). I think this is a bit lame.. you can actually click install then start an app right away and it will install just fine. Why the limitation? It essentially prevents users in Virtual Desktop from buying/installing a game in the desktop client..
Virtual Desktop Developer