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Setup for Touch + Guardian is suboptimal

Level 4
Hey guys, so I just re-ran setup using the new method, and the thing is pretty bad. Restrictions on camera distance is way too strict, 3-6 feet is ridiculously small. two months ago, using MultiCameraRecenter.exe, I had two cameras at 8 feet apart or so that tracked the controllers fine. You're going to get complaints on that, especially with the advertised 3 cameras for roomscale and various publications telling users the cameras don't need to be super close to track well...

Additionally, angle adjustment is too picky. During the process the Home desktop app should tell the user they don't need to put on their headset. Also, drawing borders for setting guardian is pretty clumsy. You should make it into a 'point' system that can draw a polygon or box. Setup should take only one try to get right- it took multiple tries for the camera distances and then their angles.

I hope to see improvements in the setup process, especially if I move a camera or something and just need a quick recenter. I don't really want to re-run that setup every step every time I do.

Level 4
If you are on the alpha channel then "Touch Tutorial" and "First Contact" dont work, maybe thats your problem?

For example I get:

Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later. (OVR75318303)

If this issue continues, please visit Oculus Support toget help.

Package oculus-touch-tutorial (ready) Failed to launch app. (1971014)
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Level 5

I just found them not sure if they just appeared or I missed them.
I expected to find them in Home but just saw them in the desktop client.

That is just awesome! 😄
Beautiful work Oculus that is so great!