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Killing Floor Incursion Private MP Beta Weekend

Hello everyone!Jared here from Tripwire Interactive.This weekend we are running a private, NDA'd Killing Floor: Incursion Multiplayer beta weekend. Our primary focus for this test is feedback and issues with matchmaking and the multiplayer experience...

How do you put a game on sale?

The dashboard doesn't let me put a game on sale as far as I can see. I raised a support ticket last week to ask if my game could be put on sale and if there were any upcoming sales or promotional opportunities while on sale. Is a support ticket the b...

jumbli by Level 7
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Touch Controllers - Angular Velocity? (Unity 5.4)

Hi there, this is probably a silly question, but I am having a bit of trouble figure out the exact Unity C# implement required to convert Oculus' angular velocity to Unity.from: Oculus SDK's angular velocity (quaternions) to: Unity's RigidBody angula...

Registry key for home 1.13?

Hey guys, does anyone have a key to force home to update to 1.13?Need to be on the latest for all our machines as soon as possible (only some have updated)Any help is much appreciated, thanks!edit: a key to rollback would work aswell 

MikeF by Level 10
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Cloud storage examples?

Wondering if anyone has any examples of using the cloud storage save/load functions in unity?I keep getting error code OVR34461111 as a response when trying to load. Each attribute of the received message comes up as null after that.Any examples or h...

MikeF by Level 10
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Touch to Unity Mechanim?

HII think this is raised in other threads, but might warrant its own thread.Is ther a plan to create a mechanim ""Humanoid" compatible version of the touch setup.At the moment the unity touch seems to be based on its own rig and pose system, which is...

Entitlement checks in Unity3D

Hello!I'm trying to perform the entitlement check for my app with Unity3D since I had this problem when sending the game:It appears that your app does not support entitlement checks to prevent unauthorized use of your content. Documentation on how to...

MalboM by Level 2
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Avatar Pose Update Playback issues

I've just finished the first pass of integrating avatar pose recording an playback over a network and everything seems to be working, but i have a couple concerns:1) The playback seems to be just using raw data without any kind of interpolation so th...

MikeF by Level 10
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Avatar SDK question

So i've just gotten into the avatar SDK and i'm trying to load in my local avatar but it just seems to come up as a default base avatar every time. Reading through the documentation i see this LocalAvatar: Demonstrates the capabilities of both first-...

MikeF by Level 10
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Upside down sensor feature request

Hi,Just something i would love to see working. My desk is a standing desk, and in that configuration, it would make sense to attached the sensor bellow the desk surface without the stand.

galopin by Level 7
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Quill/Medium for Pre-Release developers?

Am I right in assuming that Oculus wishes us to purchase our copies of Quill/Medium?Currently don't have everything set up, but browsing through the store I see it for $29.99 even though I have Touch on my account.It's no problem if Oculus wishes us ...

dwood15 by Level 3
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HandPose.cs - Position snapping explanation?

Hi everyone,I've removed my previous post and will write it again.So I've been looking through the OVRTouch stuff and I believe to make objects that can't be moved/held when grabbed, I have to use HandPose.Does anyone know where the documentation is ...

New Oculus Touch Demo Source Code

I've just played the new Oculus Touch Demo available for Touch users, is it possible to get the source code for this?I think it would be a great help to developers, myself included to see how you've achieved some of the functionality.Is punching obje...

Pre-release Avatar SDK

Hey there,I was curious if there was any chance that developers could get access to the Avatar SDK early, as I am eager to use them in the game and app I am working on currently. Any news about a release through the VIP Room channels here?

GEMISIS by Level 5
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Oculus Touch demos

HiI was just wondering if there are some demos to try with the Oculus touch other than the "tuscany" demo. I'm used to try other demos before starting developing to better understand the whole capabilities of the device.Is there any somewhere?Thanks!

Welby by Level 5
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Is there a procedure for games ready for Touch launch?

I've raised a support ticket (only yesterday) asking a couple of questions, but I imagine support are swamped getting ready for the Touch launch so just wanted to see if cybereality or anyone else here can answer the following questions.My game suppo...

jumbli by Level 7
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Boundary Component bug in Unreal Engine 4.13

I've been having problems getting the Blueprint function "Check if Point Within Outer Bounds / Play Area" to work.I noticed that the point being passed to the Oculus SDK was using the Unreal Engine coordinate space. I've got this working by making th...

jumbli by Level 7
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How do you get line breaks in descriptions in the Store?

I notice other games use line breaks to nicely space out their descriptions in the Oculus Store. If I enter blank lines, they disappear as soon as I save the page. It says you can't use HTML or formatting, so I guess I am missing something. Can anyon...

jumbli by Level 7
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Setup for Touch + Guardian is suboptimal

Hey guys, so I just re-ran setup using the new method, and the thing is pretty bad. Restrictions on camera distance is way too strict, 3-6 feet is ridiculously small. two months ago, using MultiCameraRecenter.exe, I had two cameras at 8 feet apart or...

dwood15 by Level 3
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Digital hands separate from controllers at high speed

Hello, I am having an issue in Unity where the hands don't keep up with the controllers position when I'm moving the character at high speeds. I put a rigid bod on the Avatar and apply forces that way, I'm sure there's a better way to do it. Any sugg...