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DK2 and 0.3.x builds

Level 2
So according to this thread, you might be able to run 0.3.x demos with the DK2:
"jherico" wrote:
Any application built with the 0.3.x SDK should work with the DK2 properly, so anything that's been updated is de-facto 'DK2 ready'.

"cybereality" wrote:
Games built with the 0.3.x SDK will work with DK2 (to some extent) but you will have to wait for the upcoming SDK to unlock all the features.

Did anyone have any success on this front?

Since for me, ovrHmd_Create(0) returned null, you might also need something like this:

ovrHmd hmd = ovrHmd_Create(0);
if (hmd == NULL) {
hmd = ovrHmd_CreateDebug(ovrHmd_DK1);
debug = true;

edit: Interestingly I got my 0.3.1 code based on veelos example to run and detect the rift (eventhough without sensor fusion) and this is the very colorful result:

I guess tinkering with the code to get a working 0.3.1 DK2 example is not worth the effort.

Level 2
I would be very interested in trying to get access to the DK2 sensor with SDK v0.3.2, if it is possible.

I understand that the DK2 camera/position translation is not in the older SDK — merely looking to get at the DK1 rotation sensor data.

Level 2
I did further testing:
- If OVRService_x.exe is not running, my 0.3.1 project works fine, has correct optics and head tracking.
On the screen you can see the RGB borders like in my screenshot, but not on the Rift.

- With OVRService_x.exe running there's no head tracking and the optics are off on the rift and screen, as you can see the RGB borders on both. I guess this is some kind of compensation for the new lenses?

Level 2
I did some research on getting DK2 + SDK 0.3 working on OS X. Check out the thread here:


I have functioning workarounds for using a debug instance of DK2 as well as fixing the incorrect distortion rendering.

Perhaps some of these SDK tweaks/hacks will work for Windows or Linux?

Level 5
"mindabuse" wrote:
Perhaps some of these SDK tweaks/hacks will work for Windows or Linux?

This change should fix the distortion rendering for DK2 on Windows and Linux. I've already applied the change on OSX in a previous commit.
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