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Duplicated Laser with OVRRayCaster Script

Level 2
Hi everyone.
I got a weird problem, I created a simple Canvas with buttons and I wanted to interact with them by using the Laser Beam with the right-hand controller. So I added The "OVR Physics Raycaster Script" to the OVRCameraRig and added the "UIHelpers". In the EventSystem I added the "RighthandAnchor" as Ray Transform and enabled the "Line Renderer" for the LaserPointer (UIHelpers). 
Although it is working to select the Buttons with the Laser, somehow it shows two Lasers. As I tried to make a screenshot I noticed, that it's actually only one Laser but it switches position so fast that it looks like they're both active at the same time. I added the pictures, while you are in VR you see both Lasers at the same time. Does someone know how to fix this?