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Errors in Build Test results

Level 2

We submitted an application for the Oculus Store and the application is declined over an error during the installation process. The Error reads:

"We could not install or load the file you have submitted. Your file crashed at load. Please re-submit with an updated version of the file for our team to review with.
App fails to launch -- The post-install folder has an installer instead of a launch file"

The file we submitted / uploaded is a zip file that contains an msi file. The final executable is installed in a ..\bin folder within the program folder in program files.

We tried contacting Oculus to get more information about the error but did not get response - so, trying this forum. Has anyone has experienced the same issue or know about specific rules Oculus imposes on the install process?


Level 7
I think you submit the game in a zip that will unpack to be the directory structure of the game after install. The Oculus store handles the install of your game. I'm not sure how you trigger anything during install like making registry keys.