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How to pass VRC TestLaunchIntoVR

Level 3
When I used VRC toolto test the TestLaunchIntoVR for the app, I got the error "The application took too long to submit the first frame". The reference link page said that 
If your app takes longer than 4 seconds to launch, you must provide a head-tracked loading indicator. Head-tracked means the UI elements must remain stationary in space when the user turns their head. Do not lock any logos or progress indicators to the user’s face.

For my app, there is no UI element or other game object locking to the user's face at the first 15 secs, but the app can't pass the test. Can someone give an example for this to help me to understand it better? Thanks!


Level 2
I'm experiencing the same thing here. about 5 seconds is the fastest load i've ever seen. I've failed that test every time so far.

Level 2

I dont understand it. Whenever I see people asking about getting into VR, there's always some shill pushing the Vive, giving false information about the Rift, if they even mention it.

So usually I chime in, pointing out that they are literally equals in quality (except for a few pros and cons to each) except the Rift is $200-$300 cheaper. I'll also correct any mistakes by the other person, such as statements like "the Oculus cant do roomscale".

At that point, Vive people get really mad and start shilling even harder.

Are these people just that bothered by the fact that they wasted an extra few hundred bucks for no benefit?

Level 3