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Lets make a SDK 0.4 Linux nagging thread!

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Since there is no official response as to the status of Linux & OSX I am creating a thread.

I think that cross platform developers shouldn't be treated as second-class citizen. Perhaps this is of no concern and the SDK is on it's way as we are posting, but I'd like to make sure we aren't over looked! 😉
The new way of treating the rift as a specialized device using the windows runtime & driver might complicate things, or not. But before there is further speculation it would be really, really nice if some oculus rep gives us a short heads up. 🙂

update: thanks for the OSX release, how long until we've got Linux?
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Will seriously be looking forward to the Linux SDK being released.
Got the kinect2 libfreenect drivers working with ROS, once this comes out FPV immersion will be epic 😄
OculusVR our robots/drones are waiting !! 😄

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from SDK 0.4.3 BETA release notes:

•Experimental Linux support (see included LINUX_README)

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Awesome !

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Yay 😄

Got the demo scene to work.
Seems incomplete (sound and particles broken?), but the tracking (incl. positional) works.

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Awesome that we finally have something! I'm also impressed that Oculus apparently forced Canonical to fix this HID kernel issue -- now the old SDK suddenly works as well :).

But: I'm experiencing a very pronounced judder in the Oculus World Demo. Anyone else with this problem? Update: It looks like $__GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE does not have any effect for me. No matter if I set it to the Rift or not, the demo runs at 60 Hz, i.e., is syncing to my main monitor. I set it in /etc/profile as recommended and I'm pretty sure that I picked the correct screen identifier...

I'm currently running the Rift in "extended" mode. Maybe running the Rift in a separate X server will help.

And it appears that the positional tracking scale is wrong: Imho the virtual movements are much smaller than my physical movements. It's probably called "experimental" in addition to beta for a reason :).

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Excellent! I had just finished compiling openhmd a little while ago when my phone buzzed me with the email about this. Nice timing.

I can't get client programs to see my DK1 even though oculusd sees it, but I'm also still loitering around in 'buntu 13.10 territory (and don't currently have access to my DK2), so I will asume the folks before me are right and give thanks to Oculus. Weee! Erm, thanks!

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Thanks alot! Keep up the good work Oculus!

Let's start to code 😄

(Have this running on Debian Wheezy, GTX 970, Nvidia prop driver)

Some hints:

(Main Monitor only 60 Hz at 1920x1080): To reach 75 Hz you just set your desktop monitor resolution to a smaller one with 75 Hz available, then you reach 75 Hz on both displays.

You can move the displays in the debian monitor settings above each other (No more window moving, start the world demo and hit F9)

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wahoo! 😄

We just got our DK2 on Wednesday, so good timing for me. Got the demo scene working in seperate X screens - but as a heads up had to run `DISPLAY=":0.1" ./OculusWorldDemo...` and then tell it to go fullscreen (F9?)

I wasn't as impressed with positional tracking as I thought I would be, the fustrum seems small, so it may be a camera position issue, or somethign wrong in oculusd, but I have no windows machine access to test, so I'm not sure if I'm experiencing the scale issue that bluenote picked up on, or if I'm just being a curmudgeon.

I also found that low persistence mode was off by default (I think?) so make sure you've toggled that on in the demo. The judder doesn't seem bad for me. You can also try telling your nvidia driver settings to sync to a certain monitor.

but WOW this is so much better than DK1!!!

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This is possible after only one day (!):

Some of these vr hackers are just insanely talented.

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I just got a chance to try this out but can only attach to a 60 Hz screen and am getting judder. Are there docs on setting up the DK2 w/ a second X server instead as the README suggests? It looks like the wiki, along w/ a bunch of old Linux config writeups are gone. Does anyone have a copy of that old stuff/a recommendation on where to put new stuff?