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Oculus home doesnt see oculus touch + no add in menu.

Level 2
Oculus home stoped to see oculus touch controllers.
Plus i dont have add controller in the device menu.
Tryed every thing i could.
Reinstall oculus home few times, Check battery, check them on another pc (they do work there and that guy do have add controller in menu).

They typed this:
Note: If the Add Left Touch and Add Right Touch options do not appear, please contact Developer Relations.

But no link or any other stuff where i should write this.

Level 16
You need your developer organization whitelisted by Oculus before you'll see those options. If you got the controllers, you should have a contact at Oculus that sent them to you. You can send me a PM if you'd rather work this out in private. Thanks.
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Level 2
I have some Touch controllers for our company as well and guess I was not whitelisted. Is there a way to get whitelisted on the weekend? Trying to do some work over the weekend to test them out?

Level 2
I'm in the same boat. I've sent a PM to cybereality, but no response yet.