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Updated Ray Tracing Demo

Hi All,I've just updated my Ray Tracing demo to try out Fovial rendering, that is, rendering more information in the middle of the view, then rendering at a lower resolution outside that radius, then compositing the two together.You can download and ...

TeraBit by Level 2
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Handtracking in PC SDK

Hi. Is it possible to do handtracking with the PC SDK? Reading through the documentation didn't help. We build simulators, and our product currently uses Leap Motion to do the tracking and interact with virtual buttons. For what I understood this is ...

My Software is crashing while installing

Install 'Dawn.Setup.InstallFirewallRulesStep' succeeded.[Debug] [28.01.2020 00:01:41] Install 'Dawn.Setup.InstallUninstallerStep' succeeded.[Debug] [28.01.2020 00:01:41] Extracting asset 'Oculus.ico'.[Debug] [28.01.2020 00:01:41] Install 'Dawn.Setup....

hanimad by Level 3
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No Guardian Geometry??

I'm trying to retrieve the Guardian geometry using OVRBoundary.GetGeometry(BoundaryType.PlayArea) but it always returns an empty array, despite the fact that I've definitely set up the Guardian. Anyone else have issues or success with this?

Avatar Setup Broken

Since a few days the setup of the legacy avatars in Oculus Quest appears to be broken.Most configuration windows stay empty and some others are crashing the configurator.To me it looks like a problem with their backend as it was the same for v31 and ...

VR Website

I built this 360 website and have VR enabled. When I try to access it from my Oculus device, I can only view it as a webpage, like on my PC. Is there a step that I am missing? https://bit.ly/3wdMayh is the web address for my museum site. I would appr...

OVR Camera Rig does not work on SteamVR

I used Oculus Integration-V.1.31.0, which is fully compatible with OpenXR, and set RunTime for SteamVR.However, the OVRCameraRig cannot receive tracking, the camera is fixed, and the arm does not move. SteamVR has been updated to the latest version. ...

VRC PC Preformance 7

Hi there, I have submitted my game twice now and now it is the second time that this comes back as failed. The documents say I shouldn't worry as Unity handles convergence for me but in my test results I get that they are seeing a judder, which, when...

PCVR / wired quest 2 hand tracking

Can oculus please, please enable hand tracking when using PCVR? There are some games, like DCS World, that would benefit greatly from it. Being able to reach out and activate buttons and switches with your actual hands would be awesome. Or just givin...

Oculus (Rift Software) says it wont work.

So, I get out my link cable, connect it to Quest 2, it has some normal procedures, until I activate it. I get three dots for about 30 seconds, and THEN it brings me back to the Quest 2 home. I check my Oculus Rift software notifications and it says "...


I can’t reset pin and I don’t recall putting a pin when creating the account and now k can’t do anything

SB_Dan by Level 2
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Quest 2 controller Differentiation

I am interested in developing my own VR hardware, so I was wondering how the Oculus Quest 2 discerned the left touch from the right touch in its vision processing. The rings are mirrored, but the blob pattern doesn't seem to be unique enough for it t...

Connecting Quest 2 to PC

Hi,I bought my daughter a gaming laptop for her birthday with the following spec:New Dell G5 15 AMDAMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H Mobile Processor with Radeon™ GraphicsWindows 10 Home 64bitAMD Radeon™ RX 5600M 6GB GDDR68GB, 2x4GB, DDR4, 3200MHz256GB M.2 PCIe NVM...

Can't switch on developer mode

I put a ticket in to Oculus support but maybe someone here can help me. I have a Quest 2 and want to switch on developer mode, but whenever I do it sends me to this site and tells me to sign up as a developer and create an organization. I've done tha...

Quest + Unity : No Hand tracking for PC build

Hello, I have a big problem... I can't implement the hand tracking of my oculus quest 2 with Unity.In fact, I can use the hand tracking in the editor but when importing in .exe for the PC build, my hands are not detected at all.On the other hand, if ...

ovr-platform-util.exe auto-closes on launch

Hello, I can't seem to open the ovr-platform-util.exe on my Windows PC. It worked yesterday, but now it's just auto-closing the command window on launch without any error messages. I've tried rebooting, redownloading the .exe, running it as admin and...

eruperu by Level 2
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Cant start Oculus

Hello, after a few months off, I wanted to use my Oculus Rift again and unfortunately the application does not start. When starting, I get the message "Cant reach Oculus Service" and am asked to repair the app. When I go to repair, Oculus reports tha...

Resolved! P2P how to handle internet loss

Hi, I have my game setup (using UNITY) and running on PC ( and Quest ). My question is how do people usually handle when one player has their internet go out while in a match? My game specifically only ever has 2 players, so if one players internet g...

jibbs63 by Level 4
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