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"Obduction" KickStarter on now

This looks frickn amazing !!By the developers of MYST & RIVEN... ( with an Oculus Rift stretch goal ) Back it now.. only a few days left.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cyaninc/obduction

Mickman by Level 4
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Orientation for left handed coordinate system

Hi I was just looking through the docs and api, and noticed the rift returns only quaternion for right handed coordinate system. There doesn't seem to be a matrix of the orientation so I can build a left handed quaternion. I don't want to use euler a...

Minimal C# wrapper

Hi,To start, there is a very complete and beautifully written C# wrapper available at https://github.com/SiS-Shadowman/RiftDotNet written by SiSShadowman. Since I just needed the HMD orientation and didn't want the dependency towards SharpDx, I creat...

daloots by Level 2
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Scottish Study: "Seeing in 3D possible with one eye"'

Hello from Germany: I found this BBC news today. Sounds interesting: The effect of "vivid 3D vision" can be experienced with just one eye, a study has suggested.Researchers at St Andrews University said a method using a small circular hole could have...

gunair by Level 3
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Android Development

Hi there,I don't have my Rift yet, but when I do I'm probably going to try to make it work with my Nexus 10 (Android tablet). It's one of those tablets that have both HDMI out and USB which can be used to get the orientation data from the Rift sensor...

Sebbi by Level 2
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Send to Rift (Rift as Extended Desktop Tool)

So, I run my Rift as a 3rd monitor setup as an Extended desktop. I frequently need my second monitor for development needs and can't scale it down to 1280x800 to mirror the Rift, so I wrote this little applet that will take a running windowed process...

The Spherigraph

Hello, my nickname is Dony Tamazone I am now allowed to post new topics ... So I can tell you about an idea I had a few months ago and I recently explained in a video ... This is a simple idea ... I need advice from people interested to build this sy...

Rickerty Mine.

I Think a really cool game in the rift would be a rickety old mine cart running through a mine..If the mine could be done in World of Warcraft Style that would be awesome!With jumps over bottomless pits and spider webs etc...Anybody? lol..

whyarp by Level 2
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Spare Unity Pro Trial Licenses?

Hey guys,I'm currently developing Specter Seekers, one of the finalist games from the IndieCade VR Jam. Development is progressing smoothly, and we're almost ready to release a public demo along with our kickstarter campaign. However, I just added a ...

Experimenting with new movement method using Hydra

To help me getting less motion sick in the Rift, I am trying out different movement schemes. This one uses the Hydra controls to "walk" with the hands.You keep the trigger of the controller pressed to push with the avatar's foot against the ground an...

Tamulur by Level 2
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Tricks to acheive high framerate

So it's a known problem already that 60 fps is way too low, this alone causes serious problems with perception such as smearing and strobing (and judder in between of them), and solving one of them only ramps up severity of another one, so really the...

Best tools and cheap/free alternatives

Hello everyone,I have been absent from developing for a few years and need to get back into it. I am searching for good tools for content creation or developement and if there are cheap or free alternatives available. So as an example:[Textures]- Pho...

drach by Level 2
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WQHD screen

Japan Display joins the Quad HD phone screen party with two new LCDs http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/25/japan-display-joins-the-quad-hd-phone-screen-party/LG clearly doesn't have a monopoly on Quad HD smartphone screens -- Japan Display has unveiled ...

aminemo by Level 3
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Oculus Rift 3d depth fix

I noticed that playing half life 2 along with everything else would create a warped depth of field which always bugged me. So I played around with the Nvidia control panel and remembered that the VorpX drivers recommended a resolution of 1280 x 1024....

IT-Bachelor: Need people for survey

Hi all!We are four IT-design and product development students from Aarhus University, Denmark. We are currently working on our bachelor’s project, and the general subject is how to increase immersion/sense of presence in virtual worlds using virtual ...

Airbeats on Leap Motion

Got this little app for Leap Motion and really digging it already. It's got a great input for the drums and everything's pretty darn customisable. You can get in there and you can set the drums to whatever position you like. Grab some chopsticks or a...

flaw by Level 3
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Idea for Active 3D - parallel vs convergence

In photography and film alike, there are people who choose to align their cameras to capture parallel images and there are people who choose to aim their cameras on a converging focal point. I am the latter because I believe in allowing our eyes to w...

spcunha by Level 2
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Helping glasses wearers in software?

Firstly please forgive my ignorance, I am a good programmer but have never really had to work with the rendering / shader end. This was an idea that just flashed through my brain after reading some of the other posts in this section.If the optical di...

dmacswee by Level 2
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Calculating the Infinite Focal Plane ("skydome")

Forgive me if this has already been solved, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to hunt down information, and ended up running some tests of my own (sans my Rift Devkit as yet). While I'm sure they're not entirely accurate without the hardware to ...

Resistance movment feedback new Idea

Hello,I was wondering how it would be possible to achieve a feedback on a movement in the air, without being in a static structure, so we can be free to move our arms in every direction, to move our body in every direction.and still having a feedback...

Tgaud by Level 2
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Rift 3D Product Model

Is there a 3D product viz model of the Rift available for download anywhere? I'd like to include it in a virtual scene (Rift inside the Rift, so meta...) and before I set to building it myself, I thought I'd check if there was one available.

Crosshair "lock" in first person games

Hello everyone,It's been a while since I posted last but my newest gun-troller is working really well with the rift (more on that in the future - very cheap alternative to what most people are doing at the moment), and the last real problem that I am...

Help with button key remapping based on orientation

I'm trying to make my DDR pad 'omnidirectional' based on which direction the player is facing:What's the best way to get the rift's compass orientation data with an external utility?Can there be two programs getting info form the tracker?Because i re...

QUAKE by Level 3
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