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Helping glasses wearers in software?

Firstly please forgive my ignorance, I am a good programmer but have never really had to work with the rendering / shader end. This was an idea that just flashed through my brain after reading some of the other posts in this section.If the optical di...

dmacswee by Level 2
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Calculating the Infinite Focal Plane ("skydome")

Forgive me if this has already been solved, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to hunt down information, and ended up running some tests of my own (sans my Rift Devkit as yet). While I'm sure they're not entirely accurate without the hardware to ...

Resistance movment feedback new Idea

Hello,I was wondering how it would be possible to achieve a feedback on a movement in the air, without being in a static structure, so we can be free to move our arms in every direction, to move our body in every direction.and still having a feedback...

Tgaud by Level 2
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Rift 3D Product Model

Is there a 3D product viz model of the Rift available for download anywhere? I'd like to include it in a virtual scene (Rift inside the Rift, so meta...) and before I set to building it myself, I thought I'd check if there was one available.

Crosshair "lock" in first person games

Hello everyone,It's been a while since I posted last but my newest gun-troller is working really well with the rift (more on that in the future - very cheap alternative to what most people are doing at the moment), and the last real problem that I am...

Help with button key remapping based on orientation

I'm trying to make my DDR pad 'omnidirectional' based on which direction the player is facing:What's the best way to get the rift's compass orientation data with an external utility?Can there be two programs getting info form the tracker?Because i re...

QUAKE by Level 3
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Rift and Creative Gesture Camera - Hands in VR!

Quick hack putting an Intel Creative gesture Camera on a Rift to see if my hands would then work in VR. Not bad results so far; I was worried the Gesture Cam hand tracking would not work upside-down (normally they are oriented over a monitor, not ove...

Cutscene Alternatives?

I don't have my Rift yet, but I have heard several times that cutscenes and other "automated" camera/player controller movement is very disconcerting in VR. For me, this raises an interesting question: What are the alternatives? How can VR games impl...

Razer Hydra Backpack

Does anyone here know if it is possible to 'invert' the hydra base, so i can put the base in my backpack and wear it behind me?I would like this for my wireless Oculus Rift setup, my setup is currently completely wireless and i can move / turn around...

DrSnake by Level 2
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System Requirements for Rift to run smoothly.

I would like to first introduce myself. I am currently a mathematics graduate student that has worked as a programmer in the video game industry in the past. Now days game design and programming are hobbies of mine. I've been excited for the developm...

A Mipi interface

The Samsung S4 is the first 5 inch panel that has test cables readily available with which toAttempt to make a breakout connection (40 pins). It is a mipi interface ( confirmed by some c code).So this thread topic chases any development of mipi inter...

Cgpnz by Level 2
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Anyway to remove the initial resolution OSD?

Does anyone know how I may or if it is at all possible to NOT show the resolution OSD that pops when launching games.. I've had a few people complain that it throws them off when the scene first loads. I'm using Unity3D Pro but I'm assuming it's some...

Remove Razor Hydra Windows Input

Hello everyone, I am developing a game for the Oculus Rift using the Razor Hydras as input to control virtual hand position. It seems that whenever I click the START button on the right Hydra, it takes over control of the Windows OS mouse. This becom...

View cut off on the left

When in the rift on certain games, the left hand side of my view is cut off. Instead of the FOV fading off in the round like it does on the right side, I get a vertical black bar creating a hard edge at the far left. Not all Oculus experiences do thi...

4K Video player with spherical wrapping.

Evening all,We're trying to work with some 4k 360 video content, and were scratching our heads as far as options go.Unity works great for interactive work, but anything higher than 2k gives unacceptable frame lag.VR Player doesn't have frame rate iss...

New GitHub SDK version

I've updated the 'stable' branch of my copy of the SDK located on GitHub here: https://github.com/jherico/OculusSDKThis version is based off of version 0.2.5 of the official SDK, but differs from the in a number of ways CMakeCmake is used to create p...

jherico by Level 5
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Cant run latest SDK

Hi!I cant run latest SDK, I getUnhandled exception at 0x00F37BE1 in SensorBoxTest.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.Any other users having problems?


I was just wondering if anyone knew were to order lenses.. I have looked around with no luck. The ones that come with the oculus are 1" with 2" focal length. I can't use my glasses so I was thinking of adding my own. thanks

SDK Version 0.2.5 Released

A new SDK is available now, version 0.2.5.Click below to go to the download section:https://developer.oculus.com/?action=dlThis version has improved mag-correction support and a new firmware.


I use a Splitfish Barracuda to game with for my left hand only, the right hand controls a gaming mouse.  Setting up a controller to work on a PC is hell sometimes, until I found the Xpadder program. This program is no more than a Keyboard emulation ...

Optical Tracking Prototype

Hey guys,for university I did a prototype using the Kinect and the Intel Perceptual Computing camera, I thought somebody might find it useful:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbL1EpL6M_II think optical tracking definately has potential, what do you gu...

Different Versions of Consumer Model

Has there been any talk of different versions of the consumer model?Like a high resolution model using OLED for more extreme gamers and a lower end, but still high resolution model for the rest of the public?I just remember seeing a Sony OLED TV and ...

nnhood by Level 2
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Hydra/STEM mac drivers?

I was just checking out the kickstarter page for the new STEM page.Up till now I have been putting off buying a hydra because of the lack of mac drivers, however according to the kickstarter page there seems to be mac support at least in the SDK.I wa...

jenza by Level 2
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FreePIE latency?

Hi all,I'm looking at writing some very basic code to support hydra + YEI 3-space + hillcrest + rift sensors - providing a very simple low latency interface to allow you to configure and store settings out of game, and then use it in whichever game. ...

kingtut by Level 2
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UlraHaptics- Perfect for the Rift?

Saw this on the feeds this morning and was suitably impressed with their haptics solution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QkbVr4J7CM#t=80Notice how they project the display image due to no current display tech being 'acoustically transparent' ? Soun...

lordvtp by Level 4
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