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Oculus SDK for Windows 1.8.0 Released

Oculus PC SDK 1.8.0This release includes performance improvements, memory management fixes, and minor updates.New FeaturesOculus now provides a boundary system. When a user gets too close to the edge of the boundary, translucent boundary markers are ...

Use of a serial port with the SDK?

I see that using the system resources or setting the flag for them gives an incompatibility message. But using the library from the SDK has no (apparent) serial port support. Is there is simple solution to this? I would like to emit a signal on a per...

Multisensor - backplate not detected (possible bug)

Hi everyone,i was recently experimenting with 2 sensor setup and found something like a bug. With a setup exactly like below image, you can see there are space in the play area covered by only one sensor. Now imagine a scenario where a player goes fr...

ENiKS by Level 5
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Unity [5.4] OVR assets & OpenVR?

If you build a project using Oculus Utilities for Unity 5, convert the CenterEyeAnchor to a SteamVR camera, and set the Virtual Reality SDK to OpenVR, the project will run inside the Editor on Vive. If you build the project, it will throw a 'DllNotFo...

cjwidd by Level 3
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SDK 1.8 Tone Improvements

With the release of OVR SDK v1.8, changes were made to our OVR compositor shaders to better represent the darkest color levels provided by the VR app’s eye textures on the Rift display. Overall, this should greatly improve the appearance of dark scen...

Internal Error: OVR61431043

Hello,One of our testers reported getting this error (OVR61431043) when trying to install our app from the Oculus Store. It was successfully installed by many others. We have two questions:1) any idea what went wrong?2) is there documentation availab...

Errors in Build Test results

We submitted an application for the Oculus Store and the application is declined over an error during the installation process. The Error reads: "We could not install or load the file you have submitted. Your file crashed at load. Please re-submit wi...

HuismaP by Level 2
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Recording data for a behavioral experiment?

HI all,I am conducting a study using HMD(e.g. Oculus Rift) and I need to collect the data from my subjects.I understand that I can collect the data by building a Unity Project, and write some C# scripts to read the rotation/position data.However, I d...

Coesius by Level 2
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Resolved! Min AMD CPU for min spec testing?

Hi,Does Oculus have a minimum recommended AMD CPU for testing performance on min spec machines? I know that single-threaded performance is the most important factor, but it's unclear what the "i5-4590 equivalent" would be that we should test against....

Guardian System

Thanks for the guardian system - it sounds great. Of course I am very eager to implement it for the ShadedPath DX12 engine. But some things do not seem to be like is documented on https://developer3.oculus.com/documentation/pcsdk/latest/concepts/dg-g...

Resolved! ovr_CreateTextureSwapChainDX Fails with code -1004

I'm not sure what's going on. My engine worked flawlessly for a long time. Then all of a sudden it won't initialize the Rift. It fails on ovr_CreateTextureSwapChainDX with -1004 (ovrError_NotInitialized). However, I previously called ovr_Initialize a...

Touch controller "shoulder" buttons?

What physical button does the "ovrButton_RShoulder" and "ovrButton_LShoulder" flags correspond to? I'm playing around with the touch controllers and I'm not seeing these bits ever being set. Are they not a part of the dev kits?

flashk by Level 2
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Touch Dev Kit

Are there still oculus touch dev kits available which are being sent to developers? I know that oculus works on a platform to register for dev kits and this is not finished in this time but other developers have recieved a dev kit. Is there a way to ...

DK2 Sudden Hardware failure

Anyone have the same Problem?My DK2 was working fine until:The DK2 all of a sudden has no Image, only orange LED. The camera is working fine. the Headset is being detected, and i see the mirror Image on my Computer Monitor and head-tracking works ok....

Enquiry on developing small VR app

hi guys. I need to build small VR app:1. it should play 360 degree video (4k res)2. it should take opportunity to make photo of visitor who just tried VR experience (we need to make emotional pics of visitors after wathing vr)We want make photo from ...

How to reorient through univeral menu in Unity game

The Rift version of Starfighter Arduxim failed its review with the following feedback:The universal menu integration in your functioning as expected. The intended behaviors include:1) pressing Oculus Home button should bring up Universal Menu,2) pres...

Fulby by Level 7
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Multiple sensors - is a special runtime required?

Greetings,recently i was working on a project where i needed bigger tracking volume - i tried to use 2 sensors to cover the area, but while runtime detected 2 sensors correctly and showed both as "connected" in green, i couldn't get them to work toge...

ENiKS by Level 5
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