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Converting PC Opengl project to use 0.8

Hi,I'm trying to convert my project to use the latest SDK, I've had it working with an older version(0.5). I have attached what I am getting on screen if I just try to show a clear white background, does anyone know what could be causing this?I've tr...

Mars3D by Level 2
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Very simple 0.8 SDK tutorial

I think this is about the most simple way/tutorial to get the minimal amount of useful information from your rift using the latest (0.8SDK):https://github.com/GitHubUsername1/Mini ... tion-0.8.xIt's an updated version of this:https://github.com/dleen...

Zunfix by Level 3
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Linux and remaining bugs in the SDK?

The argument was- SDK 0.5 has linux support, and will allow you to continue development/utilize content created with that SDK- Support for Mac and Linux us currently held on SDK 0.5. Versions beyond 0.5 Do not have Linux or Mac support. To continue u...

haagch by Level 3
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Stereo camera

I wanted to render stereo vision into oculus rift. I've been researching a lot on this topic, and found openCV with openGL or direct3D will do the job. But can unity alone be suffice to do this job?

Is it safe?

No I won't be bringing out the dentistry tools just wondering if development wise it is now safe to upgrade to Windows 10?No major hickups / problems / issues?CheersFred

Fredrum by Level 5
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Oculus rift set? 2016q3?

I wonder if yours marketing specialists are intending to launch a set of the rift combined with 2 touch controllers this all in a slik suitcase. This mainly because the touch preferences above the xbox controller, rift with 2 touchs and no xbox contr...

s7I7 by Level 2
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Game with to cameras on Unity.

Hello,We are currently working on a game concept that involves using two cameras. In on screen we have a minimap and on the other one a FPS controller.http://i.imgur.com/2FCDE8y.jpgThe screen on the right should be rendered only in oculus. So people ...

VR Video Best Practices Thread

Hello everyone,I am the founder and lead VR geek at www.MetaverseXXX.com. Doing a quick search I do not see much "info" sharing on the topic of "making" VR Video, so I thought I would start it here. What VR Video related questions do you have?I am ab...

How to retrieve eye rays for fragment shader?

I feel that I bother this part of forum for way too often. This is already something I feel like I would figure out soon on myself.On fragment shaders, some nice effects require that you can cast a ray from the view space. I tried to do it myself lik...

cheery by Level 3
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moire effect / interference pattern

Hi everyone, just a little insight to who's talking: I am working in 3D scanning, 3D printing and to a certain amount in 3D visualization. The goal is an Oculus simulation for a museum, which I never did before. Our VR guy left the team and so we had...

Would like LibOVR.lib as a DLL

HiI'm the author of the Lever programming language.In Lever I have workflow for importing shared libraries with automatically generated header files. I could do the same for LibOVR, but the LibOVR provides only the .lib that is statically linked file...

cheery by Level 3
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Should I focus on Rift or GearVR or both?

I'm wondering how many Unity developers are targeting Rift and GearVR at the same time? How much effort has it been to work with both the PC SDK and Mobile SDK? Easy? Hard?At the moment I just want to make a great Rift game (I have my idea), but I cu...

Leap Motion 3D Jam 2.0 starts Sept. 28th

It's back! For six weeks, starting on Sept. 28th, developers around the world will build innovative experiences for virtual reality, desktop, mobile, and beyond.Last year’s competition was incredible, with over 150 submissions and some really amazing...


Hello:)What about the runtime for DK2?is the SDK stills 1.0 runtime is ready only for CV1?Could have we a hope to see something new as SDK 1.0 to upgrade our DK2?see you next:)

LibOVRRT32_0_8pbd not included when stepping into code

In vs 2015 I get this message:LibOVRRT32_0_8pbd not includedsymbol loading for LibOVRRT32_0_8pbd was skipped because it was not in the specified modules listmodule information version i reach the line of code in bold below:OVR_PUBLIC...

Zunfix by Level 3
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struggling with rendering on Oculus [sdk 0.7 / 0.8]

Hi. I'm an Oculus development beginner.I use OpenGL to deal with Oculus and I could easily get HMD sensor variables but I had difficulties with rendering images on HMD.What I tried were. - Create a framebuffer and render images on a texture which is ...

Oculus sdk setup with visual studio 2015

HiA few weeks ago I set up visual studio 2015 to be able to use the 0.8 sdk using a guide I read located (I think) somewhere from here:https://developer.oculus.com/It had info such as what include's to specify in visual studio project properties dial...

Zunfix by Level 3
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The tiny Eyefluence sensors are attached to the inside of an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and detect the smallest movements in your eyes.Medium painting and sculpting in Oculus Rift.looks Interesting. http://venturebeat.com/2016/01/09/the-d .....

Samsung Gear & reloading a Unity VR Build

This probably has a simple solution but I'm not super savvy with Android. I "Build and Run" my Unity VR project to my Android device and when it finishes I have it set up to tell me to place it into the Samsung Gear device and it runs. The problem is...

Nduel by Level 2
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Oculus Ready PCs?

I am excited about the forthcoming Rift and will stay up tonight (in Japan) to order one.I also want to order a suggested PC, and see there are 2 athttps://www.oculus.com/en-us/oculus-ready-pcs/Will these 2 PC's be 'set up' so the RIFT is plug n' pla...

Rift Compatibility Tool

Hey all, I suppose this is a handy, 'quick-check' tool... However, it raises a few questions. For example, If some of the specs (CPU or GPU,specifically) don't pass on your computer, does that mean it WON'T run, or that it's just not optimal?I have a...

How to decreese level of distortion?

I have too strong correction by program.I tried to edit shaders, it is bad way and there is a lot of shaders there. (And I didn't get result yet)Where is the parameter which I should correct to make distortion lower?p.s. I also asked question in http...

A couple of questions to help developers

Dear Oculus,Many of the developers are missing some vital information right now. This could be solved by you answering a couple of questions.I am talking about developers who have invested in a Development Kit and put many months into supporting the ...

Scawen by Level 7
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Question: DK1 & 360° photo/video software

Hello Everyone!Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread. I have a couple of questions that I am hoping someone can help me with. To get to them I need to give a little background:I am a Park Ranger and looking to use the Oculus for showing ...

Harp0 by Level 2
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ovr_SubmitFrame execution time

Hi, I am trying to improve the performance of an application that is soon to be released. My problem is that every 5-20th frame ovr_SubmitFrame takes a "long time" to execute. double st = ovr_GetTimeInSeconds();ovrResult result = ovr_SubmitFrame( od-...

jimwe by Level 2
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Stereoscopic 3D rendering of a panorama in 3ds max

Hello,Im new to Ouclus Rift development and I have been rendering panoramic videos in 3ds max by setting the camera type to "Spherical" & the FOV to "360". These videos are them imported into unity, applied as a movie texture to the interior of a sph...