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GTA 5 is such a good platform to work on.

Level 7
I was just wandering in the game and realizing how real it is. The AI is so smart too. I parked a car in the middle of the intersection and watched how the AI dealt with it in the way. How random stuff happens in the game is also cool. This is all on GTA online.

I was watching PTSD on how VR helps people bring the moment back but realizing how crappy the graphics are and how real GTA is, rather than make programs froms cratch that look like ass why not build off a platform like GTA.

Was talking to people in the game on how cool it would be if there were tornados, volcanos, tsunamis, aliens invading w/ guns. How cool could it be to co-op defend. They should up the player cap to like 60+ per server and do stuff like this.

This is a great game to MMO wander like Playstation@Home where people were hanging out in a mall and a carnival talking and stuff. Rather than make a game from scratch like that for VR, why not work with Rockstar to build off GTA to be like that?

The platform is there, the AI is there, why start from scratch??????

When the transisition goes from day to night and night to day I see all the textures change but it really looks real. There's a night time texture for alllll the buildings. This game looks better than Crysis 1 and is more practical.

The graphics are so real it's unbelievable. I'm on an Acer Z35 with 100% sRGB.