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GearVR and user email/input

Level 3
I've been pondering the best way of getting a user's email address in a GearVR based experience. From a conceptual perspective, the experience I have in mind would take place at a public event (so these are not necessarily GearVR owners) and the user would be asked questions about things they just saw. Storing those results on a remote server and emailing them to the user would be nice. My biggest hangup right now though, is how to capture their email address. Here are a few things i've considered

Bluetooth keyboard
  • Familiarity
  • Speed

  • Some people can't touch-type
  • The experience might not be at a desk

Onscreen gaze keyboard in VR
  • Don't need to touch type
  • Can be used anywhere

  • Incredibly slow especially for long e-mail addresses
  • Requires a lot of head movement
  • Will either require very large buttons or very precise head movement

Bluetooth gamepad controlling on-screen keyboard
  • Familiarity
  • Easy to learn how to use for non-gamers

  • Requires extra hardware
  • Slow and somewhat clunky

Dual-mode app that allows user input before entering VR
  • Quick interaction
  • Familiar input system
  • can be used anywhere

  • not possible since vr_dual isn't supported yet
  • if many demos are being done, it would put a lot of wear on the USB connector

Paired ID codes
Explanation: When the user starts the experience, they are shown an ID code (which is generated server side). They are then instructed to tell the person running the demo what the code is. This gets recorded on a spreadsheet. Once the demo is done, the user writes their email address next to the ID code. Later, that data gets uploaded and the e-mail addresses get matched.
  • No cunky controls to mess with
  • Less chance for user error

  • The response will be delayed until the data gets uploaded
  • requires a 1:1 ratio of people running the demos to people using the demos

Note: I had considered having the people who are running the demo directly enter the data, but that would up the amount of devices needed (either phones/tablets or laptops for the people running the demos)

That's what I've been thinking so far. If anyone has any thoughts or other things to try, I'd be interested to hear them.

Level 3
Text entry in VR, yes it's a pain right now.

I am using gamepad with on-screen keyboard to allow users to name their ship and create and name multiplayer server sessions:

yes it's somewhat clunky :? . The key cursor is controlled by the DPAD ( as is all of the GUI ). The cursor wraps in horizontal and vertical directions, but not many people explore or use that feature unprompted.

Another option in your case would be to incorporate a simple survey into the end of the experience, maybe 6 or so simple questions with binary answer or maybe even 5 position gaze slider. If a fun animated character talked the questions, then that could be really engaging.

:arrow: That is the time when the persons "true" perceptions of the experience are strongest.
:arrow: No chance of duff email addresses being given, nobody wants more stuff in their inboxes nowadays.
:arrow: Probably a higher percentage of surveys taken.

:arrow: Limits the survey complexity ( but then the survey ought not to be complex anyway ).
:arrow: You don't get to gather a potential client list ( but that should only bother a Ferenghi anyways 😄 ).

When everyone is chipped this will be dead simple, just pop up a dialog: "Chip scan required to start, authorize Y/N?".