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Has Oculus stopped reviewing rift apps?

Level 4


I submitted my game for review and haven't received a response for 4 months. After asking customer service, the customer service replied that it was forwarded to the store team but still no response. I really hope my game can pass the review even the rift store.



Level 4

Hi, did you ever get a response about your app? It’s strange because very few Rift apps are released each month. Just a few it looks like 

Never, I've seen something similar in other questions, some people have even had major success on Steam and have been applying for two years without getting approved by the Rift store. So I'm speculating that there might need to be some sort of connection with Oculus in order to be approved.

Is this your first rift game? 
We have two Rift apps in the store, released roughly three years ago, and both were reviewed very quickly. It only took about 2-3 weeks. 

Yes! Is my first Rift game!
I have no clue, and the customer service doesn't give any explanation for this, I'm very helpless.