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Headset in a dark box - horizontal rotation only required

Level 2
Sorry weird question but I have a client who is looking for me to create a VR experience that will put a headset inside a fake submarine periscope. So with this the entire headset will be encased inside a dark box.

We only need horizontal rotation for the application, but I do need the screen to be mirrored and it's preferred this is a wired solution.

Will a Rift/Rift S actually be able to track the periscopes rotation if it has no visual cues from outside the box?

We could do this with an Oculus Go, but the wireless screen sharing isn't reliable enough.

Level 5
as far as I know, with the rift S,  if you do that you'll be forced in AR and get a guardian popup.
trying to find a solution in here
I believe it's possible with the rift CV1, tho.