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It is the lights!!

Level 2

My maintenance guy replaced my old florescent bulbs (and redid the fixture) with a newer type and when they are on my Rift S does the thing where the controllers go dead and the pass through is static. It never did this with the old bulbs. If I turn off the new bulbs and use an older florescent fixture that is behind a partial wall but still gives enough light for the Rift S to track, the problem goes away. When I was without the main light in this room as the bulbs had burned out, I tried using the light from the walk in closet which is the newer bulbs and again the Rift S flaked out. When using a old fashioned bulb lamp, the light from the TV and computer monitors and the light from the other room to get some light into this room where i use the Rift S it tracked fine. As soon as I switched on the closet light it flaked out again.


Level 5
This is fascinating. So, you lost inside out tracking when you switched between incandescent lights and fluorescent lights? Was there a big difference in levels of light intensity in the room between the two light sources? Is this something reproducible in a lab?