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Properly present Unity app on Mac

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Hi there,

I already read a lot about the different little things/trouble to properly develop in Unity for the SDK 0.4.2 (issues with primary display, mirroring etc pp.). I can see there probably are just quirky ways to get a descent workflow for the mac right now.
The following proposed setting seems pretty alright, though you get judder through development, but that's acceptable:

BUT what about presentation? So I developed my awesome VR Unity app and want to show it off to other people, for example on a conference. With windows that's easy just use "Mirror to Display" in the OVRCameraController and all is set when you're in DirectToRift mode. But on the Mac with 0.4.2 you currently don't have DirectToRift so that one doesn't work.

The ways I currently come up with to present a built Unity app:
1) Make DK2 you primary screen and execute the app from that screen (DK2). You get a proper framerate and in my case no judder (as I think it's now set to the Rifts 75Hz with vsync). The downside is obvious, I can't see what the user sees and maybe give crucial comments on my app (as it is still in development).

2) Mirror the screens in the system preferences. Yay I can see what the user sees, BUT we do get uncomfortable judder because the refresh rate seems to be set to 60Hz (which feels actually worse, than using a DK1 at 60Hz, as the DK2 seems to require its rate).

3) Again mirror the screens but in the system preferences set the DK2's refresh rate to "60 Hz (NTSC)" (the only 60 Hz option available to me). YES the user and me can see what's happening, the judder is gone (yes running in 60 Hz still feels a lot better than running in 75 Hz with judder) ... again, BUT somehow the color scheme of my app is completely different or plainly wrong. (The game "Gooze" is quite dark, on purpose, and all out of a sudden it gets WAY to bright and only on the Rift itself, not on any screenshots I take -> possible new thread?).
(top: screenshot, middle: screen photo at 75Hz with intended brightness, bottom: screen photo at 60Hz with no judder when mirroring, but with completely off brightness, but a screenshot at this setting would result in something like the top image)

Does anyone have suggestions or workflows on this??
I know 0.4.2 is still beta, but I would at least like to be able to present my game on my mac with no judder (which seems possible) and still see what the user sees.


Oh and I am using OSX 10.9.5, OVR SDK 0.4.2 Beta, Unity 4.5.4f1 and Deferred Lighting and Gamma Space.

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You're more or less outlining why we made Direct Mode in Windows. The problem is that it's infinitely harder on OS X to do such things because Apple keeps their graphical API's under wraps. We have a solution but it's going to take much more time to develop than the Windows version has. Stay tuned.

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Thanks deanbeeler for the quick answer. Good to know you guys are working on this!

Do you have any advice on the brightness/color scheme issue when switching the DK2 to 60Hz though? As this might be a not so bad intermediate solution for presenting. I know 75Hz will eventually be the better solution, but 60Hz still seems fine compared to judder when mirroring.