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Windows 11.

Can some please give me a time frame when air link will work in Windows 11? I just want to play my games that I haven't been able to play. That's all I want. I love my quest 2 but I want to play my pc vr games I have bought from the Oculus app. Not c...

PCVR / wired quest 2 hand tracking

Can oculus please, please enable hand tracking when using PCVR? There are some games, like DCS World, that would benefit greatly from it. Being able to reach out and activate buttons and switches with your actual hands would be awesome. Or just givin...

Space Sense is lagging Air Link from PC

When Space Sense is activated, the frame rate drops, when playing from Unity editor.App starts to lag, and motion sickness starts.After turning it off, no problem.Tried it on two headsets.Any one had the same experience?

kshaja by Level 2
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VRC.PC.Audio.1 - Oculus Audio submission fail

Hello!After several rounds of technical review for a Rift game we're putting on the store we've successfully met all criteria but for one: VRC.PC.Audio.1We are using UE4 + Fmod studio for this project. Oculus Audio plugin is enabled but we are not us...

Oculus Rooms and Avatar API release date?

Hello,I'm currently working on a multiplayer game using Unity and Photon Unity Networking. I'm mainly interested on how the Oculus Rooms will work and how to integrate it into my multiplayer solution. The avatars would also be nice, but we currently ...

drohack by Level 3
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USB Camera on Oculus Quest 2

Hi, I'm trying to access and display a stereo UVC Camera plugged into my Quest 2 under Unreal Engine 4, but it seems to be hard, do you provide examples of code or some resources, even under others or the native frameworks? Thank you for your attenti...

GPU spec for oculus link

GPU spec for oculus link will be really required such as "GTX 1060 Super" which has more than 6GB VRAM ?Due to slim body, my PC can be mount such as GTX 1650 4GT LP 4GB GDDR5.What is trigger or logic which software judge whether oculus link will work...

oculus Link not working

So I just got my quest 2 and the link but whenever I try to run a game from the oculus software it displays on my pc and not the quest itself, the screen on the quest is black or has 3 loading dots but nothing ever loads. my pc is VR compatable

Power Injector for Quest 2

Oculus, please develop a power injector for PCVR Quest2 users, Some games can be played for much longer than the battery life allows, even when taking breaks you don't want to turn the game off. I like my Q2 but I am seriously considering going back ...

Cannot Pair Quest 2 with PC

Greetings Friends. I am brand-new to the Quest2 and a 3+ year novice at Unity. My intention is to simply Build-and-Run an app from Unity to the Q2. I've failed at that, being stuck here: . I've tried and failed at sideload. In attempts to enable Deve...

zekev by Level 3
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Using my real finger touch as mouse click.

Hello. I'm developing VR app using unity with Oculus Quest2.I'm using OVRCameraRig for tracking my bare hand. I want to use finger touch as mouse click to interact with UI(Button, Dropdown etc.) Is there any way to do it?Please share me if you have o...

ped1130 by Level 2
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SetControllerVibration - how to stop it?

So I have haptics working, but I need a way to stop it. It seems to run for about a second or two then quits. But essentially i only want it to vibrate when I touch something. No longer touching, I want to be able to stop it.

xlar54 by Level 2
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VR Website

I built this 360 website and have VR enabled. When I try to access it from my Oculus device, I can only view it as a webpage, like on my PC. Is there a step that I am missing? https://bit.ly/3wdMayh is the web address for my museum site. I would appr...

What is the best way to make 360 movie?

Hi allI am trying to make a CG 360 movie for Oculus 2. I know Maya, Blender, and Aftereffects and learning UE. So I would like to know what is the best way to make a 360 CG movie. Any inputs in this regard will help me a lot. Thanks


i am having problems paring my controller with air link in just says no connected so please help

Linking several Oculus to one computer

Hi! We are working on an art installation for an event. The developer is having trouble linking 5 Oculus to the VR background he designed. We want them to perform like having 5 multiplayer enjoying individual experiences of the same virtual space. Th...

Dita78 by Level 2
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Handtracking in PC SDK

Hi. Is it possible to do handtracking with the PC SDK? Reading through the documentation didn't help. We build simulators, and our product currently uses Leap Motion to do the tracking and interact with virtual buttons. For what I understood this is ...

No Guardian Geometry??

I'm trying to retrieve the Guardian geometry using OVRBoundary.GetGeometry(BoundaryType.PlayArea) but it always returns an empty array, despite the fact that I've definitely set up the Guardian. Anyone else have issues or success with this?

Avatar Setup Broken

Since a few days the setup of the legacy avatars in Oculus Quest appears to be broken.Most configuration windows stay empty and some others are crashing the configurator.To me it looks like a problem with their backend as it was the same for v31 and ...

OVR Camera Rig does not work on SteamVR

I used Oculus Integration-V.1.31.0, which is fully compatible with OpenXR, and set RunTime for SteamVR.However, the OVRCameraRig cannot receive tracking, the camera is fixed, and the arm does not move. SteamVR has been updated to the latest version. ...