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File Zip is not valid

I receive this error when I try to upload a build to our app's Alpha channel.Does anyone know what may cause this, since it's the only piece of diagnostics that the site gives ?The build has been developed with Unreal Engine 4.12Thanks for the attent...

padelu by Level 2
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About cameras in Rift S headset and unity

Hi! before asking, im sorry for my bad english (im from Spain) and im also new working with Unity for Oculus. The point is, we have an Oculus Rift S, and we are working in our own project created in Unity, we want to use the cameras from the headset ...

Cheis10 by Level 2
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Blocking a Rift S sensors

Hello VR Experts I need to know if it is possible to cover a Rift S but still gain its head rotation?Can the headset still work if it was covered with let's say a velvet material?I don't need hands and positional tracking for the project!I understood...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Sensor Bypass

I am so happy to hear Oculus has decided to officially start providing tools for developers in large scale enterprise and business solutions.I have asked this question for years now (as have many others judging by a forum search). Certain custom larg...

OVR Player Controller issues

I am developing a game using Unity 3D and am trying to get my Oculus Rift Player controller to mount a moving platform, but the platform moves without him when mounted, leaving my OVR player behind. It works perfectly with the Unity Player controller...

Unity3d Input, Secondary Thumbstick stuck at 1

I've come across an issue today trying to use the built in Unity Input for the Secondary Thumbstick Horizontal axis. Whenever I start up the game from within Unity to test the Thumbstick axis sets itself to 1 and doesnt change. Oddly enough if I open...

CAD Model

Hi Everyone,I'm looking for CAD files of the oculus Rift S battery cover to create an accessory for the oculus rift S. Oculus support told me to ask here or to the admin, but I have no idea how to contact them.Do you know where i could find these dat...

autocalibration for unattended setups

We have a Rift S standing setup in a museum that requires regular attention from employees with regular error messages like 'play area not found' of 'controllers not found' . Asking Oculus support they refer to the fact that the Rift S requires calib...

Get controller battery level for Oculus Rift S in .NET

Hello,I'm trying to retrieve the controller battery level of my Rift S stations to be displayed in an aggregated dashboard for easy monitoring. I tried using the C++ library and create a wrapper around it to use in my project, but I can't find any re...

mademol by Level 2
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Quest MRC Final set up

Hi,Hitting a big wall with OBS, need help to finish set up:Hardware Elgato HD60S + Hero6 Gopro;RTX2070 Nvidia + i7-9700KWindows 10;Steps taken:1. Created a developer account with an organisation name as "y" and App name as "z";2.Downloaded the Mixed ...

Stereo180Video Sample not working

I've tried a zillion ways to get the Stereo180Video SampleFramework going on a Rift S. The problem is that the sample video in SBS format always shows the two sides of the video, rather than a single stereo image. I've tried it with other 180 video s...

smamber by Level 2
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OVR SDK: How to use a custom shader for Model::Fill?

Hi guys, I writing a C++ program that reads World of Warcraft data and draws it in VR. I'm not using any engines like Unity or Unreal but I'm modifying OculusWorldDemo provided with the SDK to achieve my purpose. (Actually I did it in Unity but I fin...

KNP54 by Level 7
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Touch controllers showing up but provide no input

Hi everyone,I am currently developing an application in Unity 2019.1.10f with Oculus Utility 1.38.1 with a Rift S but in the end it should run on the Quest.Now, both touch controllers show up and are tracked in the Unity game view but they don't prov...

JPl4ys by Level 2
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Strange Jello Effect with Low Framerate

HiIn our app we have a strange Jello effect on parts of the screen that has fast movement and is close to the camera. It almost looks like a distorted poly or something like this.This is most pronounced when we hit low frame rates. Is it some kind of...

Error attaching IARC Certificate

My team is trying to submit a project for review. For the IARC Certificate, we have a previous ESRB rating certificate for the project, but when we input to find the existing IARC certificate the error above popped up. We are unsure if we need to req...

Min Spec Questions for Developers

Hello!Am trying to address min-spec compatibility with a gtx 970. From reading the forums here and elsewhere, most advice seems to be 'find a gtx 970 to test on'. makes sense. however, they are harder to find now, overpriced because they are somewhat...

sporx by Level 4
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Can I Get Updated Oculus Controller Art?

I am looking for an updated Oculus Controller Art package. The version available for download from the Miscellaneous section has not been updated since 2017-12-22. It is missing the 2D controller art assets for the Rift S Touch controllers.