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Error attaching IARC Certificate

My team is trying to submit a project for review. For the IARC Certificate, we have a previous ESRB rating certificate for the project, but when we input to find the existing IARC certificate the error above popped up. We are unsure if we need to req...

Min Spec Questions for Developers

Hello!Am trying to address min-spec compatibility with a gtx 970. From reading the forums here and elsewhere, most advice seems to be 'find a gtx 970 to test on'. makes sense. however, they are harder to find now, overpriced because they are somewhat...

sporx by Level 4
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Can I Get Updated Oculus Controller Art?

I am looking for an updated Oculus Controller Art package. The version available for download from the Miscellaneous section has not been updated since 2017-12-22. It is missing the 2D controller art assets for the Rift S Touch controllers.

Rift S Display Color & Brightness configurable ?

I just got myself an Rift S and I think compared to the original Rift all Apps/Games look more non saturated and over exposed. e.g. in Space Junkies the whites/highlights are really blown out. Is there a way to configure the display settings on Rift ...

VR Touch Steering Wheel

So I wanna make a game with car controls just like this.Currently using the latest version of Oculus Rift.I'm so close to it but I can only code the joystick (of the left hand controller) to control the steering wheel, not the user's hands. The thoug...

displayport not connect

I have a problem when I set up Oculus Rift S, displayport is not connected, but the USB headset is connected, I have seen on YouTube in various ways, but still can't. can anyone help me what to do?

It is the lights!!

My maintenance guy replaced my old florescent bulbs (and redid the fixture) with a newer type and when they are on my Rift S does the thing where the controllers go dead and the pass through is static. It never did this with the old bulbs. If I turn ...

Hand/Finger Tracking in RIft S

Is there an expected date for access to hand tracking capabilities in the Rift S when developing in Unity environment? We currently use leap motion and would love to have a single solution.

rlogan by Level 3
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Rift S without controllers and initial setup

Hi,We are developing a game for fitness machinery using Unreal Engine 4.22. It is going to be installed in various gyms and fitness clubs around world. While we find Oculus Rift S the best hardware choice available, we completely don't need some feat...

How to pass VRC TestLaunchIntoVR

When I used VRC toolto test the TestLaunchIntoVR for the app, I got the error "The application took too long to submit the first frame". The reference link page said that If your app takes longer than 4 seconds to launch, you must provide a head-trac...

Rift S SLAM Drift Correction in Warehouse Scaling

Hi! everyone, I'm trying to correct the Oculus Rift S SLAM Drifting in warehouse scaling. I assume that this drift is due to the XYZ 0.0.0 Reference set at the beginning of the experience and to the impossibility to create or add some Anchors in the ...

Erikges by Level 2
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